And thus begins the 9th day of Lyle “graping” at home due to buttcappery that has happened at his previous employment.

Looking for a new job while taking a sabbatical of sorts to clear his mind from all of this. Who would have thought that this would happen. But this isn’t the time to cry and to be sad and to be emotional for things that has passed by, for it is over and it has been done. No amount of grievance and forgiveness will cure this.

It’s the 8th of May and in about 40 days, Lyle will be heading off to Singapore for some hot steamy and sensual and awesome instrumental concert. From the looks of things, Lyle may not be able to go. Therefore, he maybe giving his ticket to a certain someone if that certain someone has permission fro their parents. But this is all a hearsay business.

In recent news, the CVLB (Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board) has proposed that transport operators such as RapidKL, Metrobus, Sun Taxi and other public transport company the rights to fix the fare for the service which they provide. Therefore, instead of a standard RM3 from Klang to Pasar Seni (via bus), one might find one that charges RM4, another RM 2.50 for they believe it is right to do so. Now this proposal in the opinion of Lyle is a good one although there is some kinks that needs to be ironed out.

If this proposal is implemented, what Lyle and many people would like to see is an improvement in the way public transportation is given. RapidKL which now runs the Putra LRT and the STAR LRT as well as the RapidKL bus system is probably one of the best public transportation companies in Malaysia right now. Although they charged a flat rate of RM2 for the whole of KL and that ticket can be used the whole day, Lyle notice that a lot of people will still pay for it even though the destination that they are going to may only cost them about RM0.50 on another service. They chose to pay this amount because of service.

And thus if other companies can provide a same system as RapidKL, Lyle knows that they too can gain profit. Now, let’s just say that all companies provide equal and excellent service such as on time departure, friendly drivers and an explanation if something goes wrong, which service would one take ? That choice is really hard, in which it’ll probably be a prepaid wars just like Maxis , Digi and Celcom.

What we could aspect is each public transport company will offer value-added services. Maybe a monthly pass, a collaboration with a F&B company for discounts and other items. Hell if they did this, it would be so much fun.

But back to the story at hand, for this fare system to work and for public transportation to truly have the rights to place their own fare rates, they will need to at least change the way their service is given.

In the early morning, he travelled to the ministry and filed a court case. Two person knows, the rest does not. All will be revealed soon enough.

Sentences are short, oh how he wish this feeling of his will just go away.

this week will probably be the most depressive week of his life. Lyle ask forgiveness for his depressive nature.

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