Monthly Archives: May 2007

  • Heads up

    It’s been awhile since he last did this, but hey all do check out

    Quaintly.Net, written by the awesome possum Su Ann who just recently climbed Mount Kinabalu with Kenny Sia.

    Many excuses Lyle has for not updating regularly. Got things on his mind.

  • Standing Tall

    Lyle and Inglis

    So you fallen, you have been beaten and bruised. You think that you cannot go on, you believe that your God or the spiritual force has given up on you. You even think that your own will has thrown up. You want to give up, your body tells you to give up.

  • To God Most High

    Dear God,

    It is not everyday that this type of things will happen. And when it does happen many of us would and will like to blame you for it. We just don’t seem to understand your thoughts and will on the matter at hand. Thruthfully speaking, at that moment in time we hate you for it.

  • The Venom Within

    And thus he watched Spiderman 3 on iMax with Zend and his sarawakian bishie friend Zaidi.

    In any case, the movie was good. Yes good, it somewhat lived to it’s hype. Sam Raimi did a good job. Many kudos to those who knows that a certain Stan “The Man” Lee made another cameo appearance. Good job though the last part is well…a bit off the Spiderman canon but it’s the movies so we’ll let that pass.

  • Prepaid wars on Transportation

    In recent news, the CVLB (Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board) has proposed that transport operators such as RapidKL, Metrobus, Sun Taxi and other public transport company the rights to fix the fare for the service which they provide. Therefore, instead of a standard RM3 from Klang to Pasar Seni (via bus), one might find one that charges RM4, another RM 2.50 for they believe it is right to do so. Now this proposal in the opinion of Lyle is a good one although there is some kinks that needs to be ironed out.