And thus begins the 9th day of Serge “graping” at home due to buttcappery that has happened at his previous employment.

In recent news, the CVLB (Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board) has proposed that transport operators such as RapidKL, Metrobus, Sun Taxi and other public transport company the rights to fix the fare for the service which they provide. Therefore, instead of a standard RM3 from Klang to Pasar Seni (via bus), one might find one that charges RM4, another RM 2.50 for they believe it is right to do so. Now this proposal in the opinion of Serge is a good one although there is some kinks that needs to be ironed out.

In the early morning, he travelled to the ministry and filed a court case. Two person knows, the rest does not. All will be revealed soon enough.

Sentences are short, oh how he wish this feeling of his will just go away.

this week will probably be the most depressive week of his life. Serge ask forgiveness for his depressive nature.

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