Cassius Calamity

Some not so famous person once said that things happen for a reason and at the same time, there is no such thing as a person with bad luck for luck doesn’t exist and also, all things can be accounted for; no matter how weird it is.

But, there are times in our life that something happens and there is no way we can answer it. No matter how many times we put it to the test, it just never happens. Just like how a bumblebee is supposedly not able to fly from a theoretical point, yet it does. Thus, we talk about this item of interest which we call a sentient being with some mysterious aura of bad feng shui.

With powers vested through him by himself, he names this sentient Cassius Calamity. Lyle has never been in good terms with Cassius Calamity, due to some reasons that will be revealed somewhere in the near but not so distant future. Well yesterday and today, Cassius Calamity was at another region for training and was not in Lyle’s region for that two days.

Somehow, we just do not know why (this “we” which Lyle is talking about, consists of him and his colleagues) but during this two days, we manage to work properly. Every single thing moved with such swan like grace that some viewers might think, that we had worked for this establishment for the past 5 years. Seriously people, on days that Cassius Calamity is not at work, we work well and yet on days that Cassius Calamity is in… we the people, do mediocre work.

Well this is it, hoping on hope that you the reader have been entertained by today’s entry.