Kimi wa kikoeru?

However the cookie crumbles, however the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, Lyle knows that one day all of this feelings of his will die, and it will die in a painful and with regretful memories, it will be embedded into the hearts of those who has experience it.

He tried to speak, his words came out and his friend’s understood what he was trying to say, except for the fact that he could not understand the reasons on why they understood his wants and needs. The locomotives of thoughts was pulsing onwards on the rail of self-understanding, self-loathsomeness and towards the terminal of self-depreciation. Could they really understand his wants and needs ? Maybe they could have, nevertheless we cannot accept it.

We cannot accept this truth, we just cannot as it breaks every single fundamental and theoretical thoughts of the upcoming future which Lyle made. Unfortunately this wall is breaking slowly, peeing away and destroying his defences. Though he would love to deny it, he cannot as humanity has proven over and over and over in protecting self and to protect others, we humans tend to listen to the music of the heart and that speaks louder than our own voice.

Our body language, the tone of our voice, the subtle blinking and yawns, can in some ways tell us who and what the character the people whom we consider friends of acquaintances is. For this reason and many other reasons, Lyle is afraid; so afraid that whatever he says or do will be interpreted wrongly. We are scared, for we are like lambs in the pit of lions.

There was no here to save Lyle from all of this. No one.