Nine Days

By definitive calculations, these are the remaining days of the god-forsaken tour of duty that kicks us in the ass. So much has come and gone within the span of 11 months, nevertheless we seat here and with our glasses raised to the sky, we know that shit will happen once again. Let this be something that last only for a brief moment, hoping upon hope that something good comes this way.

Though we do not know if it will be good or not, we believe in believing and even though we have said that, we are still in doubt about it. Doubt on the things of which he can do, things that he wants to do and things he needs to do. Confidence is something lacking within here, something we spoke about many entries ago.

Our lives are stuck, we are stuck in this pool. No matter how hard we have tried to prove ourself and to prove to others that we have changed, the past which cannot be changed will always be the foundation for other people to convict us and to slam us down to the floor of despair.