This following story began on the 10th of November till the early morning of November 12th. These 72 hours was good, fun and had given Serge a major aching body and a pseudo hangover that breaks the heavens.

Last week, Serge was given an invitation to preview the new an improved Nuffnang 2.0 by Timothy Tiah. This entry is old news, due to time constraint and the fact that Serge is still alpha-testing the system, he will write this part of the entry as brief as possible.

Ubuntu users will know that the Feisty Fawn refers to version 7.04 while the Gutsy Gibbon is 7.10. Both of which is free to download and to be distributed. Yes distributed, even on the package it says that we are to copy and give it away. Cool stuff really and Serge has been using Ubuntu for about a year now.

At the beginning of this week, Serge spoke about the Terry Fox Run. Today was the event and he was there. He arrived at Lake Gardens with his mother courtesy of a ride from his sister. Serge was just mingling about, talking to people.

Somewhere during the first 15 minutes he met Jeff Ooi, who was there as part of the LensaMalaysia team to take photos of the runners.

[all images can be clicked for a bigger view]

About 14 days ago, Serge sold his soul. His UltraSoul-II was exhume and with holy water (or so he thought) was placed on it. This is to remove the demon within it. This was to remove the demon which Bill Gates considered to be the Devil. Serge had remove Ubuntu from his laptop and place Vista Ultimate on it.

Emina Carnival 2007

Date : 13th – 15th November 2007 Time : [information coming soon] Venue : Central Plaza, Multimedia University Cyberjaya

What to expect from this event ?

-Doujins ! , Games and Free Play. -Playstation 2 games : Tekken 5, Winning Eleven 12 and many more – STARLIGHT CINEMA

Having a major headache right now. It’s located on the right side of his head, possibly it’s a migraine. Probably not, this is not the age to be getting migraines. But who knows ? The way we humans have been growing, our evolution has change us for better and for worse. So to be hit by a migraine is quite possible. Let’s just hope that this is just a one off thing. If not, it will not bode well with his infernal plans to rule the world !!!

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