Monthly Archives: November 2007

  • Settling Times

    It took him one year to tell her or should he say, it took Lyle a year to tell one half of the two people whom he has deep feelings for about it. Yes, she knows. It failed though, but somehow Lyle feels really good about it. To tell her about it and even though it could never happen, this two hands will protect and defend.

  • With Electone, Flute and Piano

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    From across the Asia Pacific rim, countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Mexico converge onto the country that is truly Asia which is Malaysia. Over 50 years and in over 40 countries, Malaysia plays host to the Junior Original Concert (JOC) which began in 1972 at Nemu-no-Sato, Japan.

    With every year that has passes by since its inauguration, the compositions played has remarkably improved. With more than 35,000 compositions from every corner of the globe and with styles and form ranging from piano to electone solo to ensemble of different musical instrument, songs and orchestral music has been performed.

  • DS Lite is getting Liter

    According to sources, Nintendo maybe revamping the hardware for their DS Lite. From what has been stated the slot for GBA games will be removed and a built-in storage will be provided. Also the design of the DS Lite will be slightly thinner.