This following story began on the 10th of November till the early morning of November 12th. These 72 hours was good, fun and had given Lyle a major aching body and a pseudo hangover that breaks the heavens.

Shaz had invited Lyle for a birthday party, not Shaz’s as he had his in July, we are talking about KJ the guy who name is so close to a lubricant for all those good bed rocking nights. Lyle knows that you know, well the party was held at Izzi Restaurant located at Bukit Bintang. This was Shaz’s idea since he had a truck load of discount coupons courtesy of Astro.

The celebration began at about 12.30 PM officially, unofficially it began around 1 PM due to the heavy rain that happened on this day. Before going to KL, Lyle was in Klang fixing the car due to a timing belt issue and a minor fender bender. He hopes the car will be good for the next 6 months as it is a crucial item.

Upon his arrival at Izzi and later through the day, Lyle noticed the following people, William Ng whom he knew from church (who would have thought), Azira Aziz , Elena , Shaz, KJ, Penny, Fazri and some other people that should be mention but Lyle just can’t fuckking remember their names due to the fact that he does not see them much, oh yeah Albert was there as well and who the hell was that girl which Lyle had seen before ?

[images removed]

Lyle left the party around 4pm and went on to visit Zend at Sungai Wang and shopped for some materials for his and Zend’s cosplay that will happen in about 30 days. Got the hat, did not get the wig. Need to find a maggi mee style wig of a dirty blonde, with that a sleeper hit cosplay will occur. After the short meet up, Lyle left and went to The Pavillion to have some pleasurable holes with Fazri, Elena and Traveller.

Got back, did the usual bitchery before sleeping and waking up and headed down to Time Square. This is the 11th of November, here on this day Lyle got himself another cake of dvd-r and later on followed his sister out with her colleagues and only came back home on the 12th at about 2am.

To end today’s post, here are some images that happened during the KJ party.

[images removed]

Before pushing this publish button, what the hell is this door … *points*

[images removed]

Last week, Lyle was given an invitation to preview the new an improved Nuffnang 2.0 by Timothy Tiah. This entry is old news, due to time constraint and the fact that Lyle is still alpha-testing the system, he will write this part of the entry as brief as possible.

3 webloggers were invited. Chan Kelwin , Freethinker and Lyle. The preview began around 1600hr, here began the journey of items and stuffles which many, many, many Nuffnang users would like to see but can’t. The three of us, were fortunate to look at the Nuffnang 2.0, which by the way has been previewed in Singapore.

After the preview and suggestion giving, they were given access to play around and in some cases, literally blow Nuffnang 2.0 apart before the official launch. With that said, here are some photos which can be clicked for a bigger image.





Yes, that last image is a screen shot of what Nuffnang 2.0 looks like in inverted colours. That’s all for the post of today.

Ubuntu users will know that the Feisty Fawn refers to version 7.04 while the Gutsy Gibbon is 7.10. Both of which is free to download and to be distributed. Yes distributed, even on the package it says that we are to copy and give it away. Cool stuff really and Lyle has been using Ubuntu for about a year now.

He started off with 6.06 which if he did remember, was called Dapper Drake. Now he is using 7.10 the Gutsy Gibbon which has only one single issue. That issue was caused by something known as the system requirements. On previous versions of Ubuntu, the need of RAM was not that necessary. 7.04 required 256Mb while 7.10 required 384Mb. Situational circumstance has placed this RAM requirement a blow to Lyle and his UltraSoul-II.

UltraSoul-II is this beautiful, black sleek and gorgeous laptop from IBM of the ThinkPad series number T42s. She comes with 512Mb of RAM, yet due to graphic card sharing the real amount is 506. This does not bode well for Lyle and his quest to use 7.10. For he believes that when something says System Requirement, especially on RAM, one should at least have double of it. How bad is it ? How bad is it not having some what substantial amount of RAM ?

It is so bad that it takes Lyle about 3-5 minutes to start up the UltraSoul-II. But when he was on Feisty Fawn or Dapper Drake, 1-2 minutes and that includes all the added accessories and blings! Tsk. Tsk. Definitely need RAM for the UltraSoul-II. Gotto to increase her bust size or she will not perform at all.

At the beginning of this week, Lyle spoke about the Terry Fox Run. Today was the event and he was there. He arrived at Lake Gardens with his mother courtesy of a ride from his sister. Lyle was just mingling about, talking to people.

Somewhere during the first 15 minutes he met Jeff Ooi, who was there as part of the LensaMalaysia team to take photos of the runners.

[all images can be clicked for a bigger view]

About 14 days ago, Lyle sold his soul. His UltraSoul-II was exhume and with holy water (or so he thought) was placed on it. This is to remove the demon within it. This was to remove the demon which Bill Gates considered to be the Devil. Lyle had remove Ubuntu from his laptop and place Vista Ultimate on it.

Vista Ultimate worked like a charm. But it was exactly like the true devil, revealing it’s inner plots later on. Knowing that the minimum RAM needed was 512mb but the recommended was 1gb, Lyle switched off all services and themes that was resource hungry. Hoping that it’ll be better, it did not bode well. From a cold start to the desktop display.. UltraSoul-II took 3 minutes to load up.

To make matters worst, the system did not recognized the virtual ram that he has placed and the command of RAM to background applications. The final straw that broke the back, the battery for UltraSoul-II lasted only half the amount of time when it was on Ubuntu. Such a sad case.

Now, with that revelation, with that beatdown…Lyle stood up, he moved forward and cleanse the demon that was Vista Ultimate and has reinstalled Ubuntu. The demon that was in UltraSoul-II is no more. His soul has been saved.


Emina Carnival 2007

Date : 13th – 15th November 2007 Time : [information coming soon] Venue : Central Plaza, Multimedia University Cyberjaya

What to expect from this event ?

-Doujins ! , Games and Free Play. -Playstation 2 games : Tekken 5, Winning Eleven 12 and many more – STARLIGHT CINEMA

And many many many other exciting events.

For more info on this event, visit Emina Cyber

Having a major headache right now. It’s located on the right side of his head, possibly it’s a migraine. Probably not, this is not the age to be getting migraines. But who knows ? The way we humans have been growing, our evolution has change us for better and for worse. So to be hit by a migraine is quite possible. Let’s just hope that this is just a one off thing. If not, it will not bode well with his infernal plans to rule the world !!!

Oops, sorry about that. Evil side was getting in the way. Body is aching as well and the eyes are straining bad. Brutally honest as this sounds, is the fact that this company has screwed with Lyle waaay too much. Four days of 12 hour shifts and then giving a one day rest ?

Who the fuck do they thing Lyle is ? There is a time where this will be ok, as during that time he is just a follower. Now the time has change and change for good it has begun.

Since they would like to fuck with him, Lyle will fuck them over with great awesomeness. This company by far is the best paymaster yet with the way they are treating their staff, Adolf Hitler’s ironclad rule will just look like someone’s mum scolding her child who ruin her shirt. Cripes, headache again. Another 1.5 hours to go before he can scuttle back to his bed and sleep.

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