Flipped Boys and The Everchanging

It’s the 21st and it’s a Tuesday. For those who does not know, Lyle follows this awesome blogger who is just part geek and part chic. She is the beloved Binary Blonde,some of you might know her and some might not. But let Lyle tell you this, she is about to deliver her first baby boy.

About two week or go Binary Boy flipped and position himself to make his grand entrance into the world. Besides flipping for his grand glorious entrance, Binary Boy is estimated to be weighing in at 6.5 lbs according to guesstimates.

Guesstimates, Lyle likes that word. Oh you’ll probably be asking why is Lyle excited about this. Well to begin, a life is going to come into this world a baby boy. It reminds Lyle of Jesse as told by his dad James. It’s so wrong not to be excited about life. Hell, Lyle is like half a world and this, this…good lord.

Where else in this part of the world where its GMT+7 closer to home, James and Mae did some bed action and have a child which is about 9 weeks old. With this said, life it’s something grand really. Binary Blonde delivers in about 3 weeks or less and Mae in about 27 weeks or so.

Oh, Lyle will be attending that Silent Event and he is bringing a kitten with him.