What’s been eating Nuffnang Inniters?

As many of you people know, Lyle attended the Terminator Salvation premiere at Cineleisure with a bunch of awesome people such as Jessica, Jackie, Isaac, Wen Pink, Evelyn, Jacquelyn and many others.

Many of you guys and gals did not know, but we were at Manhattan Fish Market of which Jessica made an awesome post of which she made a funny account of Lyle. To exact his revenge Lyle has done something as well….

We here at the Broken Mirror, implores you the readers to click on the image for a LARGER view. But you know what, Lyle loves you people!


  1. Muahaha.. perfecto pose! =D
    dun think i didn’t know for a second you were taking a picture of me..
    I KNOW.. =P

    btw.. why ain’t i Jeffro.. but part of the “many others” (=___=”)

  2. jacq he din mistaken me -,-..no way he could mistaken me and jeffro XD..LOL..i nv knew u take my eating pic -_-

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