Bloggers making it Unexclusive

Zouk Hugo

Hennessy Artistry, 7aste, Define, these are names of event that once had an “exclusive” feel to it. Exclusive in a sense that no Tom, Dick, Mary and Jane could go for and if you are a Tom or Jane; you will need to be in the echelon of the high rollers. Yes, to get in you must be in and even though you might have the money, not in means that you just can’t attend these events.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for some, this exclusiveness has gone down the drain for better or for worst is something that is yet to be seen. For Lyle, it is getting worst as what was once a highlight of his eventful life is just another mundane thing. No longer was it “oh my god, that’s so cool”, now it is “oh that event..pffft”. Now nearly everyone in that of which Lyle is in, are seen nearly everywhere.

Bloggers, wannabe social media journalist. Lyle unfortunately lies in this realm and due to one drop of soy, the reputation of many has gone down the drain. There was a time when Lyle was like the younglins of today, where he would hit every opportunity to go for every event and even beg for invites to get into exclusive events. Yes, he is admitting of his young days and then it hit him like a Shaolin Tiger with a gruffy beard.

GleeKL Opt Rehearsal

Usually you could see a handful of blogger-media, around 10 or so in any of these type of events. Then all of a sudden, we are seeing like 30, 40 and in some cases 50 blogger-media. It is unfortunate that for many blogger-media, they are just being used. With the increase of blogger-media in events; there is a drop of quality of how the event is being run. One such event where standards has dropped to the gutter and beyond is a joke. HA HA HA, you can tell what Lyle is referring to.

The chances of Lyle being invited again by them is very low, though its ok as this will mean that other unfortunate soul will be roped in to do their dirty work. This face of Lyle is somehow synonymous with events and for reasons unknown, if he doesn’t appear at exclusive events; people will ask him why he is not there.

Why is he not there ? Not because he doesn’t want to be, it is because how you so called blogger-media is fucked. Where the hell is your integrity ? All that Lyle can see is you kissing ass just to get into an event. Being at all events or in that elite blogger-media crew that appears everywhere does not make one famous, rather Lyle sees the reputation of us bloggers going down the drain.

Nokia X6 Launch 2010

Kiss ass, get an invite. Don’t kiss ass, PR/Marketing just needs to find another blogger willing to kiss ass and voila! A new victim to the front lines. It is not that all blogger-media are like that, but only a few are such. It is an unfortunate turn of events for us old folks who once pride ourselves as being an elite group where the young used to look up to us.

Where did those days go ? Hard for Lyle to say, now it is time sit back and relax; while watching the quality of all of these exclusive event go down the drain.

Do note that this is Lyle personal opinion and in no way is the opinion of those who he works/blogs for.


    1. hahaha, i’m actually insulting everyone i know since 2002 and now.

      But hey, not being proud/prideful or anything, but I have done blogging for that long so yeah. I do have some rights in being pissed and pissing people off.

  1. Hahaha I’m sure you just wrote what many people have thought but just never said out loud.. 😉

  2. Totally agree, it depresses me sometimes. But then I’ve had the advantage of never kissing anyone’s ass, never pandering for invites and usually not going simply because I don’t feel like it.

    But still, the quality is going down the shitter…of both blogs, bloggers and events relating to blogs.

    Honestly I felt the recent Vaseline event was something of a nice change, rather classy.

    But still it was blighted by some of those shameless whores from ‘the other side’.
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    1. yeah mate.

      quality has gone really shitty and yes Vaseline event was a good change.

      not to mention it did not feel exclusive and also it made all of the participants welcomed.

      aah, what happen to the good old days man ?

    1. haha. yeah, that is why i never ask them to pay me.

      Cause if they did, that means that i have to write and say good things for them

  3. Holding a prosumer camera and moving around do the same like those tards, I think this blog post is hypocritical.

    Maybe some ang moh dude should shut his pie hole too. Despo people trying to sell a company for 5m but failing to do so is just so sad 🙂

    1. hahaha!

      well that is your opinion, though it will be totally awesome if you wrote in some understandable english.

      before you blast and rant someone, learn to write/speak proper english. doesnt matter if you’re grammatically wrong.

      then again, your rights and my rights to diss you off with unapologetic english.

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