Buy 4 Love – A Jumble Sale and Donation Drive with a Purpose !

Buy 4 Love

Hey Folks! How you doing ? Did you know that in conjunction with Tongue In Chic’s Chic POP Market; the folks from Passionately YOU is having a donation drive right now? Well this donation drive which last until 31st of July is to gather items such as Electrical Appliance, Household Items, Sports Equipment, Children’s Toys, Jewellery, Books and Magazines* all for a Jumble sale on August 20th.

So come on over to Jaya One from now till July 31st and drive the donation with your wares. Then on August 20th, drop on over for the Jumble Sale where, Lyle guarantees that you will definitely BUY4LOVE for in your love for buying; all proceeds will be given to the Assunta Foundation to help fund treatment for breast and cervical cancer for the lower income group.

For more info about Passionately YOU and their campaign for cervical and breast cancer awareness, visit and for more details about the Donation Drive and Jumble Sale; click on the image above =D

*All donated items must be in good working condition.