Coffee Confessions

SG 2012 Feb Day3

I am me because I am here
What is the thing that I lost that I can’t go on?
It is cruelly painful when I can’t get the answer easily
Don’t worry about that one miss shot
If I can move on, I will love it, right?

It’s amazing what words can do, sharper than any knife in the drawer. They can hurt people emotionally all the frigging time. As much as Lyle pretends that he is not hurt by what was said, it is just a lie. The hurt is real and deep; but it is our own words that we need to be careful and not the words of others.

Every word spoken is like a heated rod that is held by both parties. Each side will be hurt no matter who lets the rod go first. There are times in his journey to find her, whereby Lyle has said many wrongful things. We could say sorry but what has been said cannot be taken back and regret only fills the void.