Three Decades and A Dash of Condiments

Markets 7 Jaya One

To those who wished, we thank you and for those who didn’t realize; Lyle celebrated his Xth year of being alive in this ugly and beautiful world recently. Where X is the year where the speed of sound was broken over the deserts of Southern California; that is after you add 36 to it.

Lyle is one of those rare people who just does not understand the fun and excitement to reveal to the world the birth date of his. During his younger days, his skinny-lizard days, it was fun and now; excitement of it is dead. Though he still tells if someone ask, Lyle makes it a point in his voice and the controlled method of intonation that those who ask cannot remember after.

Realization is creeping in. Wishes of happy birthdate is what he writes on his friend’s Facebook Wall or on Twitter. Simple reason, the date of when one is born can never change (year is an exception). Day of when you are born is cycled and therefore, only after a few years will be come back to the “day” you were born in. What the helleaven is Lyle talking about? Something mad really.

On a a note higher than a treble clef, Lyle is now searching and looking for a job. Yes, this mad man is unemployed at the moment and is living dangerously thin. If one needs a freelancer to help or consult(at a fee); or maybe write something for your company. Hesitation to contact Lyle maybe bad for you.