Arrow S1E11 – Trust But Verify


Story begins with armored car heist, Oliver believes the culprit is Diggle’s former commanding officer during his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. Oliver as The Hood confronts Ted Gaynor at his office before Diggle comes in to stop The Hood. Cue in title card!

Still reeling from the lost of her father, Thea hints to her mom (Moira) to get a car for her. While Moira is forced by Malcolm to do a job after she sees prove that her husband, Robert is much alive. Unknown to Thea about the story between Moira and Malcolm, she confides with her brother that she believes that both of them are having an affair.

Oliver listens to his mom and learn that his late father cheated on her before but there is nothing going, though she says that she nor Robert ever cheated on each other. Oliver is skeptical but believes in his mom. Meanwhile, Diggle meets up with his former commanding officer, Ted.


Earlier on before the title card, The Hood stole a data plug containing the plans of the robbers and with that he manages to stop a heist and injures one of the villains. Back at base, Oliver’s suspicion upon Diggle’s former friend is wavered as Diggle confirms that he was with Ted while the failed heist happen.

Malcolm invites Tommy and his significant other for dinner. Tommy is angry at his father and so was his girlfriend as Malcolm handed to Tommy a letter. Diggle is forced by Ted who is the brains behind the heist. Oliver explains to Diggle why he was suspicious.

Flashback from his days in the island, shows that the man who rescued him was in cohorts with Oliver’s capture. Thea gets into an accident after receiving a car from her mom. She is then placed under arrest for her tox-screen had drugs in it.