Before you could say Jack Robinson

Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 2

It is the second day in to the new year of 2013. Somehow 2012 is still within our hearts, we know because like everyone else; 2012 was a good year and like all creatures born from Adam & Eve; the past is what we always look at and reminisce. Strangely enough, we as a sentient being have a unique perspective and philosophical need of this past.

Past; Something that has already happen and will never be present nor will it ever be the future. As you read this sentence, the words as you read which came before this is already in the past. And even if you did skim through this sentence and wind back up here, that sentence will be a was and not an is. Therefore, a past occurred.

Back to our story of us who struggle to become humanly humane and to be closer to God. There are those who are stuck in the past and there are those who uses the past as a life lesson on their live for a betterment of their souls which has been captured and destroyed by current situations. Without a doubt, one needs this past.

But how much past do we need in our life? In all brutal honesty, it actually depends on how that person uses the past. We have mention that there are those who are stuck in it and those that grows from it. Rarely do we see people grow from their past and the growing up of being stuck in the past, would be like a boy hitting puberty and receiving a growth spurt.

Just look at this country, seriously, just look at it. The further the days and months progress to be a new year, the further this nation is holding on to its once glorious past. Think about it, look at race and religion card that will always be played by our politicians.

A tactic that was once use in the past is back here and will always be until further notice. Then we have those will not allow the young to bring in their own sense of the future. A kin to how our internet connection in this country. We might be one of the only country in this region who’s connection speed does not justify the subscription fees.

Now you might be asking, how does this relate to us being stuck in the past? Look at technology and look at how it grows. Look at Singapore and look at this country called Malaysia. The island country of Singapore has in every single way look at our past, learn from it and sped of. We in turn, see the future of technology but still believe that the past is the best.

There is no wonder why if we did a 1 to 1 comparison with a Singaporean ISP and a Malaysian ISP; Singapore for SGD $70 gets around 100Mbps and RM70 gives Malaysian users a snailesque speed; let us never talk about this heresy ever again!

Smart asses are those who sees the past and learns from it. Think about it. We believe damn much that a person that you know who is successful has indeed embrace their past, learn from it and well he or she is standing on the pedestal of glorious glory.