Looking for a Career, Serge searches for Happiness

What does Lyle do ?

This question has asked at least 500 times from every walk of life that knows Lyle. He has been speculated to be a tech support guy, a photographer, a writer, an alcoholic and a social media expert. Therefore the question of what Lyle does is an apt question to ask.

Which brings us back to the very beginning, our subject for tonight is with regards on picking the right career and not picking the right job. A career and a job are two separate things that many of us believe that they are the same.

A job is simply something you do to earn money. Career advancement is not something you’re interested in there and the work often doesn’t interest you at all. In five years, you’ll likely not be doing anything like your current job.

A career is a series of connected employment opportunities, where you build up skills at earlier employment opportunities to move you into higher paying and higher prestige employment opportunities later on. In five years, you’re planning to be doing something very similar to what you’re doing now, but hopefully with more income and more interesting problems to tackle.

Unless you’re some genius or you have the devil’s luck. Chances are that right now you are working a job because of the pay and not working at a career that you want to be at.


We suggest clicking the above and reading the whole comic by Zen Pencils then coming back here. Back already? That was fast! Lyle right now is bumming and not working currently. Yes, he is currently unemployed again.

This has always been the problem for him. For his job runs on the fuel of projects and contracts. Thus with every project that he gets or every contract that is given; when either one expires, so too does Lyle. Not the kick-the-bucket kind of expire but the expiry of employment.

Many of you might stab and tell Lyle to get a permanent job, for this will solve the problem of him being unemployed and all that jazz. In some retrospect, this is true but a job is not for Lyle. So where will the money come? How will Lyle survive?

It is true that money is important and there are things in life that needs it but there are also things which requires us not to think about the monthly wages which we get. One might think that Lyle is crazy and maybe you’re right to call him that.


Lyle has been working since 2003 and had worked for 9 companies. To a head hunter, this is a employee who job hops like a rabbit. We believe that job hopping is the sign of someone who is genuinely trying to figure out where they fit. Sure his resume might be shunned by potential employers but Lyle believes that in order to have a successful career (not a successful job); one must not overcommit to one path.

For when you overcommit, we becomes slave to that commitment. Unless you have some freakish nature to be a slave, you want to break free. If we combine the months that Lyle has been unemployed, it would be close to 2 years of not working. Sometimes it was sad that he was jobless then it dawn upon Lyle that he have a happiness set point.

A point that no matter what happens, as long as Lyle achieves the happiness set point; he will be happy. So next time when you see him, Lyle might be employed or he might not be but he will be happy.