Presenting the all new Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror


So after nearly using the above theme for close to 4 years, Lyle has change his theme to the Clean Retina by Theme Horse. We’re quite please with what we manage to churn out via this theme.

Do note that we are still making edits to the theme and at times, we will cause a break. To everyone who has come to visit Lyle’s blog since 2002 and to you who started to visit recently; thank you one and all for coming.

Well now, if you have use this theme before and can offer Lyle some help, could you contact him? No rewards for helping but it can help you improve your wordpress skills!

In other news, Lyle has been slowly exercising for a project that he plans to perform at the end of the year. Not sure if he will be fit by that time, though this would be one of the greatest chores that he will undertake.

Hennessy Artistry Pinacle 2012

Look at that face of Lyle. Look at how diabolically fat he has become.

Once again, welcome to the all new Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror