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6 Jan 2013 Klang

Last week, Lyle paid a visit to Klang, his home town of nearly 20 years. Now he lives in a location that is in the middle of many good places. Visit to Klang was brought forth due to the Matron’s insistence to view the infamous Virgin Mary image that appeared at the Sime Darby Medical Center in Subang Jaya.

Before going there, Lyle got his crop cropped. Although his head can get cooler now, it tends to heat up faster due to the sun that has been on some level of rage mode. Not exactly religious but not a disbeliever of that Virgin Mary image, Lyle is quite intrigued by it. Sad fact that this religious artifact is considered precious and thus he could not go up to the stage where the glass panel was and touch it.

6 Jan 2013 Klang

There are things which Lyle likes to question and this is one of it. To any religious zealots reading this, Lyle believes but will not have blind faith. Therefore, shut up and think first before you make a comment, also he is of the same faith religion.

As he had attended service the previous day, Lyle walked around the area close to the church. Some of the building have been around longer than he was, some were knew. Next to Our Lady of Lourdes (the name of the church) stands the Convent Klang school, anyone who was born around the same year as Lyle knows that some of the cutest, sexiest girls of his era went to this school.

6 Jan 2013 Klang

What is fascinating about this school was the fact that it started operation in 1924 but only in January 18, 1928 was it officially open by then Acting Secretary to the Resident of Selangor, Sir William Peel. 20 years of living in Klang and it was only on that evening did he learn something unique about Our Lady of Lourdes.

To think that this religious building is now 84 years old. We believe that sooner or later, this church will be as infamous as St. Anne’s Church in Penang. Somewhere in front of Convent Klang school was the Klang’s District Library. A lot of memories haunts Lyle as it was here that he and his former school mates were busy doing work as part of our then important exam.

6 Jan 2013 Klang

Interestingly enough there was a playground close by. Thinking that like all playgrounds in Selangor, Lyle believed that it would be dirtied with graffiti and the play sets would have been broken. Never in his life was he ever so wrong. The playground was well kept, not that many graffiti and there were kids playing there.

As the kids played, their parents talk to other parents. Sadly the spirit of racism was quite prevalent here. The Malays sticked with their own clan, the Indians did the same thing and as for the Chinese; well there was no Chinese family in sight.

The only Chinese which Lyle saw was this group of students who were busy filming something. Other than that, no Chinese people except for the one writing this post right now.

6 Jan 2013 Klang

With the service over, Lyle left Klang and headed home.


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