Story of Little Monica


Welcome to Little Monica, the city and not a name of a character in this 2 episode OVA hentai by Vanilla Series. This is one of Lyle’s favorite hentai in his dubious collection. As with most Hentai, this one has a storyline and a lot of good at that which if they remove the sex scene, everyone should watch it.

Anyway, Little Monica is a city known for its culture and arts as our protagonist, Will explains this as he returns home to Little Monica after being abroad for a while. Much have changed as Little Monica has turned from a city filled with culture and arts into a place filled debauchery and lust.


All of this began when Kajo began taking over. One of the main attractions is Miss Meow a stripper who brings in the big money and is one of the heroine in this show. As we move forward, we learn that Will’s friend Celia and her two sisters; Tina and Mei are trying their best to get Kajo out of the city and return Little Monica to her former glory.

What we love about the series is the simplistic drawing use by Jyouki Satsumaya. The colors used are not like the high-end style, e.g. Code Geass but that of all anime such as Doraemon. Character wise, you can feel the plight of everyone especially Miss Meow who want the true Little Monica to return.

As the design characters is drawn by Satsumaya, the depiction of the female characters are that of a lolita. The series did not mention about the age of Tina and Mei, but from a design perspective; we believe they were around 15 and 16 only. Meanwhile characters such as Will, Miss Meow and Celia are safely drawn as though they were 18 and above.


The sex scenes. We know you were waiting for this. If you watched Wet Summer Days (another hentai), the style is always similar and like most ecchi anime, everyone has no hair down there. Infamous “i am cumming” is rather bland though.

Overall we gladly give Story of Little Monica, 8 out of 10 stars thanks to the storyline and character involved.