Celebrated Tolerance


And the world began and it ended. The words that was said on that night was cold as it shivers down the spine. The start was the finisher. Let it go was what the heart said and the mind knew it was true.

Over hops and wheats, the conversation screwed over. Unsaid feeling were revealed like a revelation of prophecised doomed. There are things that can be said while not saying anything. These are the days when we hope that those are not the days of when silence spoke louder than the heartbeat of the words we wanted to say.

We lost you and it was more than the burden of an innocent man piled with the sins of the father. Chances of you reading this is low but it is not at 0%. Life goes on as they say it in the movies, our end just began. You have the bluest eyes but from those tales beyond heart’s dale; we know it was a beautiful sadness.

Hands out reaching towards you, grabbing the air so hard just to grab you. But we know that the clenching of your fist means that you do not want to be rescued. Are we talking about the same things which renders us incapable of trust ?

Doubting every line, we will be born and we rage against the very being of persona. You do not know us yet and so to do we as the acknowledgement of us not knowing you is true. There is a hatred that we can’t begin to fathom as forgiveness piled upon you and we.

The sorry, the apology and the burden lies upon us. Maybe one day we can apologize to ourselves on a crime which we did not commit.