Phi Days of Glory Lights

Phi days to go. Not the number of alphabets which relates to phi but the pronunciation of it. Now is February and in phi days, Lyle returns to the work force after some months of freelancing here and there. Sure the work hours are fine and we can wake up anytime, but the consistency of payment is bad.

Main reason why Lyle is going to assimilate his ass into a cubicle. Constant payload and hopefully less stupid clients to take care of. Inconsistent pay is terrible and yet having clients who thinks we can create something for nothing, is much, much worse.

Was reading a post by someone who he cared about and still do in this time and space. Uncertainty if that person has entered the queendom of singledom. We are still speculating if Lyle should retry or abort the mission. We are not the type who journey back but this one, this particular one is still special.

The question we ask ourselves right now, does that person still remember? We hope that person does.