Fort of Decadence – Series 7

Both of them talked and King Trantoul invited Leon to spar with him there and then. This could be an opportunity to show to the Royal Guards that was there that he is worthy to join them. King Trantoul drew his sword and gestured at Leon.

Slowly Leon walk around King Trantoul while holding the Alchemic Whip in his hand. Believing that the whip will give him some attack distance, he lashed the whip towards the King. With a simple side step and before Leon could retract the whip, he felt a sword on his shoulder.

King Trantoul stood behind him and sheathed his sword. Leon’s mouth was ajar. How did the King move so fast?

A loud commotion was heard as Leon put his clothes on. Quickly he rushed down and out of the inn to see what was the commotion all about. Voices were heard shouting that Princess Trantoul has return. Leon tried to take a peek but the two men in front of him were tall. Looking at the surrounding, he made way to the nearest rooftop for an eagle eye view.

Maybe it was a little bit too much but the rooftop where he thought he could get a good view wasn’t good at all. There were other citizens on other rooftops who had the same idea. Well it is not like the Princess would stop and say hello to him, thus Leon left and went to the barracks to be trained by Lusive.

Crack the egg that is on the melon but do not break the melon. That was what Leon had to do today. Lusive took Leon’s whip and demonstrated that it was possible. Hours after hours, eggs after eggs, melons after melons passed by. Leon was still not able to crack only the egg.

Lying on the gravel, he look up at the cloudy skies. One lone eagle was soared and then perched on a tree branch nearby. Leon observed the eagle who went for the egg that was on the melon. Not only did the eagle manage to take the egg, it did so by not causing the melon to move nor the egg to crack in its feet.

Standing up and dusting himself, Leon continued to practice until finally he manages it. Though he wanted to celebrate, it was close to dinner time and he smelled really eggy. Leon also noticed that he was getting good in controlling the flow of the whip as he was getting injured less from whiplash.

A quick shower and dinner, Leon went back to the now empty barracks and continued practicing. Lucky thing that there was not a shortage of melons and eggs. Also, these were the rotten ones which the creatures of the night had poisoned.

Soon it was dawn and Lusive stood above Leon who was soundly sleeping on the gravel covered with egg and melon. Leon rose up and before he could speak, Lusive signal him to go home and shower. Leon did so and came back with a fresh change of clothes.

Lusive placed some of the soldiers-in-training in a row and place an apple on their head. Leon’s job now was to smash the apple with his whip without injuring the soldier’s head. Without missing a beat, Leon did so with relative ease.

Impressed by his performance, Lusive gave Leon another assignment. This was to train Leon to hit multiple enemies in a single whip and at the same time protect himself from attacks. Few weeks passed by and soon every assignment given by Lusive, Leon could do it with ease.