What makes a good writer?

Roxy Midvalley 2012

Lyle wasn’t taught on how to write and never will he say that he is a writer. Yet everyday, he tries his best to keep penning down the words which cycles in his grey matter into blog post every day. But you know, sometimes it is hard and therefore you’ll notice that updates on this blog does not happen everyday. He is trying his best to blog at least once a day or at least 3 times in a week. Each posting to be as fruitful as the ones before.

There is something strangely soothing about putting words onto electronic paper. Letters plus letters to form words, words combined with words to form sentences and sentences join with other sentences to make paragraphs. With those paragraphs, we add more paragraphs to tell a story that is textually pleasing to the mind.

Our mind is one powerful fornicator. Even if there is no actual visual clue, we can imagine what a writer sees through their vision by the writing that they do. Think about it, think about that favorite book of yours. Whether it is romance, slice-of-life or even fantasy. That one book has the power to transcend dimensions and imaginations.

All good writers to Lyle has the ability to bring you into their world. JRR Tolkien is considered a legend to many. Lyle is an avid fan of his works, infamously The Lord of the Rings which became a successful movie. The way Tolkien writes about Frodo, Gollum or even Aragorn, makes you care about the characters. This is what makes a good writer, the ability to make the reader fall in love with a character.

Some of you might have read Fifty Shades of Grey, Lyle imagines that many girls who read this erotic romance novel had a finger or two and some other phallic device in their love hole. Does this make the author a good writer? Well if the intentions of E. L. James was to arouse the reader and if the reader was aroused, Lyle believe that the author is a good writer.

So what makes a writer, a writer ? To Lyle in his undying quest to not stop writing; he believes a good writer has the ability to bring the audience into the world that they (author) is writing. The writer has the ability to transform their fictional characters into someone that the reader can relate to and finally, a good writer is that person who can make their reader flip the pages from beginning to end.

Lyle as he mentioned earlier is not a writer yet he loves writing a lot. He won’t be JRR Tolkien or Stephen King nor will he be like mad Nanowrimo writers who write a minimum of 50000 words in one month. But hey! He will keep on writing and talking about Nanowrimo, Lyle completed a 50000 word novel last year. It was his first successful Nanowrimo.

Grammatically, Lyle needs lots of practice but the feeling of completing that many words in a 30 day time frame was fantastic. To those who writes, to those who pens down their thoughts for copywriting, work or even for blogs; Lyle says to you.. Keep On Writing!