Sixes and Savants with You or A Malaysian GE Aftermath

RAWR Jan 2013

Barisan Nasional (National Coalition) won the recent General Elections in Malaysia. They are now for another 5 years our governing government. Many people have expressed their disbelieve on how they won. A lot of Malaysian citizens believed and hope that the Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Pact) who are the opposition to win this elections.

Unfortunately this was not their year and looking at how things are; the likelyhood of Pakatan Rakyat winning the 2018 General Elections are very slim. It was expected that BN would win the government again and it was highly expected that there will be cries of injustice.

We have cries of phantom voters, magical ballot boxes appearing out of nowhere and people on social media who suddenly became an expert in Malaysian politics. Seriously? Unless you have been in all 13 General Elections, do not talk as though you are an expert in it. For Lyle, he ain’t an expert and he will not even be bothered.

All of you know that Lyle went voting yesterday and his choice was the opposition party. Does that make him pro-opposition and a hater of the current government? If you’re going to judge him on that aspect, kindly close this blog and go fuck yourself. So why did he choose the opposition if he wasn’t pro-opposition?

If some of you read Lyle’s post yesterday, he did say this –

Even though neutral, he likes to see change for change is good.

Theoretically speaking, if Pakatan Rakyat won and they become like Barisan Nasional for the next 50 plus years; Lyle will vote for Barisan Nasional. Why is he such a swing voter? We will try to explain this as simple as we can and in words that we hope all of you understand.

In this country that we live, in this nation that is filled with good and evil. We have the power of free will and choice. The power to give and take, to rise and fall in all the madness. Sure we could say that the current government is bad and yet we tolerated the shit that was done by them.

Not because we wanted to tolerate faecal matter. It was because we knew that there is a need for necessary evil. There is a game called Final Fantasy VIII and the protagonist name Squall Leonhart said this :

Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It’s our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There’s no good or bad side. Just two sides holding different views.

Just think about it. Be in the shoe of the necessary evil and maybe, just maybe we will understand that deep down inside all of us are just idiots who unconsciously seek these kind of asshattery. Sometimes we are like moth to an open flame. We know that it will burn and kill us, yet we still go to it.

No matter which party rules the government, there will always be that group of people who dislikes them and always wants change. Then we have the group who follows like a lemming and we have those whom Lyle belongs to and that is the one who wants a government that not only makes promises but keeps it and not fuck things up.

What ever your opinions maybe about the opinion of Lyle is totally your right and we respect it. Again we repeat that there is no sides that Lyle chooses officially.