Fort of Decadence – Series 26

Sara :: “Leon! Help me Leon!”

Dracula :: “He would like to help you, but I am going to let him watch the things I will do upon you.”

The Dark Lord then cast a spell which allows Sara to feel what Leon was feeling and vice versa. Though now, Leon was having mix emotions as he now feels on both sides of the story that is unfolding slowly. Sara was tearing up as she felt Leon’s emotion, his desperate emotion to get to her and to save her.

Dracula held a knife in its right hand and prick Sara’s finger and lap the blood like a hound. Its face smiled wildly, this was blood of a maiden who has yet to been spoilt. Fresh and delicious, the Dark Lord pulled the string that held Sara’s dress up. With the string remove, the dress drop halfway to her waist and revealed her large breast to the demon crowd that was watching.

One of the demi-demons shouted that he would like to have a go at those bosoms. Dracula nodded its head and invited the human-canine over. Alsa was his name and after he bowed to Dracula, he began sucking on Sara’s nipple and the pinched the unsucked nipple. As much as Sara wanted to deny, the sucking was making her nipple more erect and she was getting wetter at her womanhood.

Sensing this, Alsa went and place his hand there to feel how wet she was. This was when Dracula grab Alsa’s hand, broke it and flung Alsa to the top of the roof; where Alsa was impaled by the decorations that hung there. The other demons who were there, took a stepback.

Dracula :: “Be wise my fellow creatures of the night, her maiden is mine for the taking and it is yours after I am done.”

With that, the demons took their turn playing, kissing and fondling with every part of Sara’s body except her womanhood. It was making here wetter and wetter. Leon could feel it and his own manhood was getting erect. There was once when the both of them were together, Leon wanted to fornicate her in the throne room when King Trantoul was a sleep.

Sara cried and cried as the demons touch her body and kiss her lips with their mouth that even the waste units fear. That thought of Leon entered her mine and she wished that the both of them actually fornicated that night.

After much touching and fondling, Dracula commanded them to leave and go back to their seats. Being a gracious host, the Dark Lord got its servants to place a globe that will display what is happening in front. All of the demons raise their mug filled with blood and bile and cheered for their Dark Lord.

Ooze, slime and grime were running down Sara’s body. Dracula commanded the servants to clean her up. After being cleaned, Dracula began by kissing her forehead while its hands were wondering all over Sara’s back. The Dark Lord then commanded Sara to kiss its mouth but she refuse.