Fort of Decadence – Series 34

One of the news cause Leon to choke and cough up his whiskey. The newscaster reported that Tristan, one of the Holy Order of the Vatican has vacated his position and now serves as a Dark Master for Dracula. This can’t be happening and how can it be?

Leon’s mind was running a race. The sigil should have protected Tristan, so why did he join Dracula? Why isn’t the Vatican doing anything? As the newscaster continued, they showed clips of Tristan’s back all burn and revealing his inner flesh.

Did the Vatican burn Tristan because he did not finish his mission and quell the rampage on that night? Leon banged the table with his fist and Barlowe looked and then lowered his gaze. This Tristan person must mean a lot to Leon.

Moonlight was shining the brightest and it was time to sleep.

Crashing and breaking of plates could be heard. Seconds after came crying and a mix of laughter. While preparing breakfast one of the children fell and hit Barlowe who got flour all over himself. Leon who was at the table couldn’t help but laugh at a whitish looking Barlowe.

After having breakfast, Leon went to the town of Gethsemane located to the east of Aria’s mansion. Here he purchased a few armor parts and some whips. Talking to the locals, Leon learn that the people of Shang Wu had held a funeral session for their beloved Queen Sara.

Another news that caught wind and piqued his interest was that Luke, Lucius and Lusive are much alive but are under mind control by Dracula’s Dark Masters. Chances were slim and it was crazy, but Leon had thoughts in his head of rescuing the three of them.

Such craziness would have put him into the mental ward, but with miracles such as Tristan defecting the Holy Order; this is nothing. Paying his wares, Leon bid farewell to the shopkeeper and walked to Gethsemane Park.

At the park stood the remnants of the Tree of Woe. Legend has it that the person who planted the tree cried woefully and it was her tears that gave this tree its holy power. Because of this holy vestige, citizens from all around flock to see the tree before it leaves. One elderly couple talked and were intrigued by the tree.

They said that 10 years ago when they came, this tree had less branches and more leafs on it. Now it has more branches and less leafs, which was a miracle as the couples believed that the Tree of Woe would have been gone by then.

Enough of the stories being told, Leon got up from the bench and walk back to Aria’s Mansion. The words spoken by the elderly couple kept ringing in his ear as he travel the pathway towards the mansion.

Late afternoon and as he entered the mansion, Leon could hear Barlowe being angry. It wasn’t to the children but to a group of three middle age man sitting in front of Barlowe’s work table.

Barlowe :: “My answer is no!”

Person 1 :: “Come on Barlowe, it’s just a signature.”

Barlowe :: [[ banging the table ]] “Get out of my mansion right now”

Barlowe’s guard drag the man out while the other two who were silent left peacefully. Barlowe was fuming and took a deep breath before swapping all the paper he had on the table. The ink bottle flew, his bottle of bourbon broke.

He sat down and notice Leon who was standing at the entrance. Barlowe lowered his head and slouch on his chair.

Barlowe :: “ I’m sorry that you had to see that debacle.”

Leon :: “I know it isn’t my right do ask but can you tell me what is happening?”

Barlowe :: “I guess there is no point in hiding. Sooner or later you will learn about it. Grab a seat Leon, this will take awhile.”