Fort of Decadence – Series 40

It was brutal and bloody mess, the demons attack and were hell bent. This were the same group of monsters who attacked with their Dark Master, Succubus. Not many in the group survive, Agnes and Elle were the only one who escape. But it was thanks to the others using their body to hide that the two girls were much alive.

Soldier :: “I think we got a live one here”

The soldiers toss the other bodies to the side, right underneath were Agnes and Elle. Covered in blood and dirt but much alive and much afraid. Still reeling from shock, the soldiers who rescued them could not get an answer on what had happened.

Commander :: “Look for any other survivors and scavenge anything your can find”

Some followed the commander back while the others scoured the area. When they confirm that no other survivors were found, they gathered the corpses and the dead demons to one spot. A small prayer was said before a fire was started to burn them.

It took about an hour to get all of it to the become bones and when that happen, the fire was stop. Some of the soldiers were not happy but they did not say anything as the others took the finger bones of both the human and demon deceased. There were those who collected the blood that pooled at the bottom.

With that, they left and headed journeyed back to their base.

Somewhere in the Vatican, Leon was unpacking his bag and look around the city from his room. God’s Kingdom on Earth, that is what Vatican meant and it was really beautiful. Sometimes they called the Vatican, the place where the skies are the bluest.

Though this was kind of not true for now as Leon arrived in the evening and the sun was already setting. Maybe a stroll along the streets would be good. Since this is the Vatican, Leon left the room with only his coin pouch. Every five blocks there was a fountain filled with holy water and each zone was one church that had one Archbishop residing in it. Pretty interesting as Leon walked and flip through the guidebook while eating a melon bun, which he bought at the local bakery.

The Vatican is split into 8 zone and all 8 zones converge to the center. At the center stood the grand cathederal where the Pope resided and it was where the Holy Order of the Vatican were. This was where Leon wanted to go and gather information about Libraria the City of Knowledge.

At the same time, he also wanted to join the Holy Order and get some training before continuing his journey. Maybe there is someone who could teach him how to handle the whip properly. Though the whip was much stronger than before, it was still making Leon weak after every battle.