Fort of Decadence – Series 41


Well not much could be done as the time to sleep approaches and with the recent movement by Dracula, the Pope declared a curfew to ensure the safety of those living in the Vatican.

Church bells were rung and with 8 chimes heard, it was obviously 8am. Some of the citizens attended the service in their districts’ church, while there were others who did not. It wasn’t that they were not well or anything, they were the ones that did not believe in the church and this particular teaching called Christianity.

Some called this people heretics and most wanted them to get out of their city. But as a place which allows freedom of will and choosing one’s own religion, these so called heretics stayed on. Another reason that they were not chased away by the fanatics was that they took care of the local sundry and other necessities in the city.

One thing unique about the Vatican was that the Pope presides at all 8 zones in a holographic form. It is only during the eucharistic celebration that the Archbishop will do it. Leon wasn’t a religious person, so he watch from afar.

With service over and the people going on their separate ways, Leon enquired with the Archbishop of his zone on the best way to get to the central. The Archbishop shook his head saying its another one of those loonies and ask his guards to send Leon away.

Maybe another time, the Archbishop could be busy. Thus Leon went over to another district. For a city to be this advance, it was rather strange that transportation is scarce and most of the citizens are walking; though there were a few bicycles here and there.

All the 8 zones are interconnected to each other and to the central, special permission is needed to enter central. Looking at the signboard, Leon was now in zone 7 and behind him was zone 1. Shouldn’t it be Zone 2 or Zone 8? He shrugged and shook his head.

Though it was early, Leon return to Zone 1. He did not feel comfortable knowing that the Alchemic Whip was laying there in his room. Back in his room Leon, laid on the bed and immediately slept. He was really tired and he did not even realize it.

People were rushing in and out of a room. Vials, machinery and one man pacing back and forth outside the room.

Once in awhile the man would squat down and put both his hands on his head, then he got up and tried to peek into the room. But the room’s curtain is blocking his view and he could not here what was going on inside. Another person left the room while another one went in.

Man :: “Can you tell me what is happening inside?”

Person :: “Later Sir.. kinda busy here”

The man slump on the chair that faces in front of the door to the room. When all of sudden another man wearing white from inside the room pushed the double doors outward with such force that the other man who was slumping on the chair was scared.

Man :: “Is it over ?”

Man in White :: “Go in and take a look”

Before the man could enter the room, the sudden silence was broken by crying wail. He walked into the room and there on the bed was his wife. Next to his wife was a fragile baby girl crying out loud.