Fort of Decadence – Series 42

The man was not just a husband, he is now a father as well. He thanked the doctor and the nurses who helped in the labour process. The doctor and nurses bowed and took leave.

Husband :: “She has your eyes dearest.”

Wife :: “She has your [[ baby burps ]] , manners.. that’s for sure”

Both of them laugh and the man pick the baby up and cradle her in his big arms. Such a fragile thing he thought but what a tough baby as the little one was grabbing to his finger as tightly as she could.

Husband :: “What should we name her?”

Wife :: “Charlotte, Charlotte Aulin”

Husband :: “Charlotte.. I like that , I like that a lot”

The Husband held Charlotte up in the air and kiss her forehead. He felt that this child would bring a difference to this world but for now, it was time for him to leave the hospital, wife and newborn.

Wife :: “Do you really have to leave my beloved?

Husband :: “You know that right now I am the only custodian and you know what will happen if our the library is breech.”

Wife :: “Then by my love and under my royal name Queen Kathrine Aulin, here by command my husband Supreme Commander and Custodian to Libraria, City of Knowledge; Commander Marcus Aurelia to return to his post.”

Marcus :: “By your command majesty”

Before leaving, Marcus kiss his wife and then left the room before returning back as he forgot that baby Charlotte was still with him. Queen Kathrine laughed, that was a trait she love about her husband.

Marcus was beaming with joy as he walk out the hospital. The soldiers who were waiting outside started to clap loudly and cheered for their commander. It was a full minute before one big size nurse came out and shush them.

They kept quiet and followed their leader to another location. Here Marcus told them about his triumphant fight as his baby girl was born. Though one of his men rebuked and said that Marcus was most likely outside the room shaking like a scared cat.

All of them laugh, it was a joyous day for the people in Libraria. Finally the the Queendom has a successor. Yes Queendom, not Kingdom. Here in Libraria the female is given priority first then only their male counterpart.

Also, only a female has rights to the throne and the husband automatically becomes Supreme Commander and Custodian. There are other custodians to Libraria’s infamous archive, but the Supreme Commander and Custodian, is the only person allowed to read and see the ancient text hidden underground.

Even the Queen has no rights to see ancient text only her husband the Supreme Commander and Custodian. After much chatting with his soldiers, Marcus bid farewell as he return to the grand library. There he went to an empty pedestal, stood there while holding his sword up before plunging it down into a hole in the pedestal.

This cause a blue-green light to glow across the room. Marcus smiled and pace around the room, he was happy. Though it was a brief moment to see his newborn, it was the perfect gift. But now, back to protecting the ancient text located below his feet.

There had been rumors that Dracula’s forces were near Libraria, that is why Marcus was increasing protection to the ancient text. Usually, he will just activate the shielding with his sword, but with such rumors running; he felt that he needed to be actually in the room.

What is so special about the ancient text ? These text tells the story of the creation of human, angels and demons. It is a revelation on how Dracula came about and how it died once before reviving. There are other things in the ancient text which Marcus is unsure off due to the obscurity of the writing.

Those who had seen the text before, describe the letters as language use when the Ancient Powers walked this world and created everything that is good and everything that is evil. They believe that if Dracula ever read the text, the Dark Lord can become permanently immortal.