Fort of Decadence – Series 44


The three of them continued medical care for the other wounded soldiers. Out of the 100 strong that went, only a third of them came back. Barely came back as most suffered critical but not deadly wounds.

Leon who was walking the corridor towards the main office was bumped in to by two people carrying bandages and other medical equipments.

Leon :: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”

Elle :: “I’m sorry, I should have watched where I…. “

Leon / Elle :: “IT’S YOU!”

Both of them were shock as too was Agnes who was rubbing her ass as she had fallen on it. Three of them went to the nurses cafeteria where Agnes spoke about what happen during their travel, it was only them who survived the attack.

Leon was upset and blame himself for what happen and he excuse himself from Agnes and Elle’s company. Whether they will take him in or not, Leon wanted to at least talk to the person in charge of recruiting new members of the Order.

Officer :: “Members of the Order, let us welcome Leon who came from Aria’s Mansion. He will be joining us for a brief training as he see fits before he journeys off to his next destination>”

Leon :: “Thank you. I hope that all of you can can help me achieved the perfect union of mind, body and soul. As I intend to go to Libraria after this.”

Soldiers-in-training :: “We will train you as well as our commanding officer trains us, Leon.”

For the next 6 months, Leon underwent extensive training and on the last week before he left, the Holy Order of the Vatican gave him armor imbued in alchemy. Protection during his journey towards Libraria, City of Knowledge. Leon thank them and he thank Agnes and Elle who were at the gate waiting for Leon.

The two girls bid him farewell as he journeyed towards his next destination

Marcus :: “Protect the ancient text at all course!”

Soldier :: “Yes Commander!”

Marcus held is shield up holding back the hammer. Front of Marcus was Warlock, a Dark Master of Dracula, her blood red eyes lusted for destruction and pain. Those two fough hard and furious, Marcus was determine to make sure his men escape with the ancient text.

Warlock was on a completely different mission, destroy text or retrieve it. Other soldiers were busy keeping Warlock’s underlings at bay as best as they could. Warlock swipe her hammer to the side and Marcus lunge forward, shoving her to the back.

Warlock :: “So the Supreme Commander and Custodian to Libraria is not just some librarian.”

Marcus :: “I am many things and things you will now know but will never bring back to your Dark Lord.”

Warlock :: “Many has spoken those words, many fell into despair. Did you here that the King of Anubis has persished ?”

Marcus :: “Lies!”

He swung his sword, Warlock side stepped and gave Marcus a sucker punch. Blood dripped out as he spat two tooths out. One of the soldiers shouted that it is safe, Marcus swung his sword forward making a gash on Warlock’s chin before he step backward and announce a retreat.

Warlock gave chase only to be block by two statues that was animated by magic. She roared as Marcus and his men fled. Rage filled Warlock as she began casting fire spells and started burning the items in the vicinity. She then raised her fallen army as well as Marcus’ army to wreck havoc among items and books that was still left in the library.

The war that broke out in Libraria lasted for a week and took countless of lives, both from the Marcus’ crew as well as from Warlock’s. During the first two days of war, Queen Kathrine had already evacuated her Queendom as well as her citizens. Because of this wise move, all non-military citizens were safe.

Unfortunately, Libraria had fallen to Warlock and most of the books in the main library were now hers for the reading. Although the ancient text was with Marcus, some of the books are invaluable as they contain magic spells from days forgotten.