Fort of Decadence – Series 45

Most of them were now living at city known as, where there was no one specific leader to govern but a collective tribunal that decides how the city functions. The people of Isolde, took in the refugees as though they were family, the people of Libraria thanked them for it.

It was 2 months after Leon left Vatican to head over to Libraria, City of Knowledge. Upon his arrival, he saw the city was smoking from the battle that was fought. Bodies everywhere, both of human and of demon kind. Dogs, cats and other animals were scavenging the debris for food.

One could see bodies impales here and there. At the front of Leon was what use to be the main library, now it lies buried in rubble. Hoping to find something, he pushed himself into the gaping hole.

It was a mess, book bindings with its pages torn or in ashes. Scrolls only had their holder with no parchment of papers in it. Some of the sections were missing books and scrolls. Either the enemy took it or the people from this nation did so.

Leon knelt on the ground then pounded the floor with his fist. How is he ever going to defeat the Dark Lord when all the places that he goes to is destroyed? Maybe there is something deep within that hasn’t been destroyed or pilfered yet.

Luckily, Leon pressed on into the deeper parts of the library. There were books every where, Leon’s heart was jumping with joy, there might be hope on this dull day. As he walk among the shelves, he chose books after books, scrolls after scrolls before sitting down on a dust covered table to read.

Pages and pages he flipped, unrolling and rerolling of scrolls he did, but all of it was written in a language that he could not understand. Leon sighed and stuff as much as he could into his backpack. Maybe someone out there still reads this language.

Back at Isolde, the former Librarians of the royal household were not amuse that their Queen easily gave up her royal heritage and the title of queen. Although she is loved by her people, those from the royal side felt that it was important to maintain royal status.

At a town hall, former Queen of Libraria was having a debate with one of the Lords. Witnessing this was the citizens of Isolde and of Libraria.

Lord :: “ But you majesty! You were born as Queen of Libraria and the people are your subjects”

Kathrine :: “It is true that I was born a queen and I am Queen of Libraria. And that is where it stops. We lost the Queendom when my husband, Marcus, fought Warlock. We are now in Isolde.”

Lord :: “Precisely your majesty, these people which I thank deeply for their hospitality needs to be educated on how life will be easy when living under a monarch such as yourself.”

Kathrine :: “I am no more your majesty and to the people of Libraria who are here, it was an honor to be your queen. But you know now that our city is no more. We are now in Isolde and not Libraria thus, the title of Queen is no more.”

There was a deafening silence before an explosive roar of cheering and clapping was heard from both the people of Isolde and the people of Libraria. The tribunal who are chosen by the people of Isolde stood up and calmed the crowd down.

Tribunal :: “We are sorry for your lost and we hope that your stay here is pleasant though our facilities are few”

Kathrine :: “I speak on behalf of all Libraria that we are grateful.”

Tribunal :: “We understand your situation but you have to understand that in light or should we say in dark of what has happened, we need to put you and your people on watch for safety precautions.”

Some of the Librarians were appalled with the Tribunal’s decision but said naught as their former queen accepted it without question. Thus for a month, they were under close supervision before they were fully and officially welcome into the ranks.

Leon was now in village of Drasil which was a few miles west of Libraria. Here he heard rumors that some of the descendant could read Ancient text. With nothing left and no other solid clues, he was taking a chance a very big chance as being here in Drasil would delay his journey at least two months.

It was a catch-22 situation for Leon, rumors of a person able to read the books which he brought from Libraria were true. Sad part was that the person who is able to read it was slowly losing his mind due to an old attack from demons long ago.

Nevertheless, Leon still asked the translator to transcribed the text as best as he could. Leon felt uneasy ever since he left Libraria, it felt as though something had followed him. Unable to shake the feeling, he left Drasil temporary and let the man scribed the text.

Looking up into the sky, Leon wondered when was the last time he saw a star shining, were there any stars to begin with ? The grass fluttered with the wind and fallen leaves flew in the starless sky. A sudden break of a twig and Leon grab his whip.

A bear was there and was walking about, if Leon wasn’t there it would just continue walking but Leon was there and this was a nice meal for the bear. But as it turns outs, it was a better meal for Leon as the bear which keeled over; had a lot of good meat on it which he sold to the butcher at Drasil.