Fort of Decadence – Series 46

How long will it take to translate everything ? This was already the third night and the feeling of uneasiness is growing rapidly. What worried Leon was the silence in the village and the lack of guards and the lack of demons attacking. There should be demons around here after what had happen to Libraria.

Or did they skip this village due to its isolation? Couldn’t be, this village had been attacked before base on the corpses Leon found around the perimeter. So what was it then that was making him feel so uneasy? The villagers seem normal, maybe it is just his hear playing tricks on him.

On the next day, a lack-of-sleep Leon paid a visit to the man who was transcribing and translating the books which Leon left him. When the door open, it was a bloody mess, entrails everywhere, pools of blood and splatter on the walls and on the ceiling. Hanging on the wall closer to the windows set in the south-west was the translator.

His eyes was gouge out and half his jaw were removed. Leon hope it happen after and not before his death. Those ancient books and scrolls which he brought was gone, the translation however was still there.


Leon was shocked but with him holding a bloody knife, Drasil’s villagers believe it was indeed him who killed the translator. Try as he might to explain, the villagers were hell bent to kill him. Two choices were handed to him, escape or slaughter them all.

He chose the former and hurried off with the translated text. This was not how he expected it to be. Now a man on the run for a crime he did not commit. For after that incident, there were posters among the pillars and trunks of trees saying that Leon killed the translator.

Once a hero because of his heritage, now on the run from both his kind and from the creatures he is hunting. It was hard for him as he had to avoid towns that had posters of him. For the towns that had yet to receive news about him, Leon will stay there for a maximum of two days before heading out.

Meanwhile at Isolde, the Librarians were getting use to life in their new city. Everyone was as friendly as the dogs that roam there. Kathrine and Marcus were happy and so too was their baby girl Charlotte. The wife wanted the husband to stay but Kathrine new that Marcus had to leave Isolde by tonight.

Kathrine :: “Will you come back ?”

Marcus :: “I will return after I find it”

Kathrine :: “Be safe my love”

Kissing his wife on her forehead, Marcus picked up his sword and a carrying case that contained the ancient text. To the town of Omega, that is where all Supreme Commander and Custodian are to go if ever the ancient text is removed from Libraria.

As the figure of Marcus disappeared into the horizon, little baby Charlotte continued sucking her thumb as her mother waves goodbye. In her heart, Kathrine whispered her love for him.

Journeying southwards from Isolde, Marcus came across the village of Drasil. The same village that Leon was previously and here Marcus rested for a night before heading off. Before he continuing his journey, Marcus took a wanted poster with him.

Meanwhile at an unknown location, Leon was making a campfire that was small enough to keep him warm but not smoky enough to be detected. After completing the task, he set up a few defensive wards to protect himself from sudden attacks.

Seeing that it was safe, he lean against a rock and took out the papers that contained the transcribed translated text. As he read the first few pages, his eyes widen to grab as much light and to see better. The text that he had gotten translated wasn’t a means of destroying the Dark Lord but a method to further enhance Dracula’s power.