Fort of Decadence – Series 47


Another page told a brief history of Dracula and how it was once a human hermaphrodire named Tepes. According to the text, Tepes was born in Transylvania and had two sex organs. The parents did not want people to know so they abandon the child. Somewhere down the line before hitting puberty, Tepes had been bumped from one foster parent to another.

Most of them giving up on Tepes due to its inadequacies. History did not record what had happen but they mention about Tepes being taken in by a lord name Draco Vlad. Leon look through the pages and he could not find out why this Tepes is now Dracula and how was it possible that it can command demons and monsters.

Needing to sleep, Leon cast a spell of invisibility and close his eyes as lightly as he could under the half-moon sky. His eyes blinked several time as a ray of sunlight pierced through the skies. Safe, he was still safe.

Leon gathered his things and started to move again, he was near a town and this town did not get any posters of him being a killer. Thus he stayed here to stock up and to gather much needed intel. Paying a visit to the local tavern, rumors from all around gathered. Some were good, some were bad and some had merit as far as the individual could spit. Leon took all of it in, who knows, one of it might be useful.

Throughout the night, he avoided brightly lit areas so that the town folk did not remember his face. Tonight was darkly bright, Leon sat at the edge of his bed and thought hard on why he was holding that knife. Now that he thought about it, he himself didn’t know why.

But he understood why the villagers of Drasil would have thought that he was a killer. The question now is how to clear his name. It was late and with Leon being at a different town, was it wise for him to backtrack and return to Drasil? Yes it was, his name was at stake here.

Dogs howled loudly, banging on the door could be heard. Leon was looking outside his window. Looks like those wanted poster arrived in town and someone spotted him. Time to make an escape and despite wanting to explain, better not.

Unlike the villagers at Drasil, Leon’s pursuer actually came out of their town to chase after him. To make it worse, they actually brought out magic users who were skilled in offensive magic. Not to be outdone or to be burnt into crisp, Leon use some offensive magic on his own.

Though he made sure that it did not hit them at all. How could he have missed it? A misplace step and Leon went tumbling down. The mob look down from the top and at the bottom laid a motionless Leon. They walked away and laughed happily.

It might have been an hour later when Leon woke up. His back ached and his arm had plenty of scratches, he grunted when he tried to bring his body up.

Marcus :: “Hey hey hey! Slowly boy”

Leon :: “Thank you…. “

Marcus :: “The name is Marcus, Supreme Commander and Custodian of Libraria. Make that former”

Leon blinked a few times adjusting his sight to the night time and to the campfire that was burning next to him. What was the Supreme Commander doing here of all places? Was this person going to arrest him? Better yet,is there a way to escape from here ?

Marcus :: “You are Leon Belmont are you not”

Leon :: “Yes and this concerns you?”

Marcus :: “HAHAHA”

Feeling his side, Leon felt that his whip was still next to him. With the distance between him and Marcus, Leon can still hit him with the whip. His hand was ready at the whip to attack Marcus. The croaking of frogs and toads was heard and Leon was startled to find a hand on his hand. That hand was Marcus’.