Fort of Decadence – Series 48

Marcus :: “Don’t. You won’t even be able to hit me with that whip of yours”

Leon :: “How did you?”

Marcus :: “Move so fast? I might be big size but I have been given the title of Lightning Marc for this very reason”

Leon release his hand from the whip and as quick as a blink of an eye, Marcus was back at his place. That man could really move fast and Marcus offered to Leon the fish that was being cooked there. They spoke a bit and next to the campfire was another campfire that burn green instead of orange.

Leon :: “What is that ?”

Marcus :: “Oh? That? Well I guess you can’t remember but I am certain you do remember that you are being chase right?”
Leon :: “Yes, for a crime I did not commit”

Marcus :: “I know and that green fire is the evidence. That was a controller, a trick which a Dark Master uses to control victims to do her bidding”

Leon :: “Shit. Wait… Couldn’t that Dark Master just use the controller and kill me instead?”

Marcus :: “And not see you despairing trying to clear your name? Nah, that Dark Master wouldn’t have it any other way and if you’re going to ask if your name will be cleared, the answer is no.”

Leon :: “Then why are you burning that?”

Marcus :: “Do you remember what you did in the past 3 nights?”

Leon wanted to answer but as he tried to recall, he could not bring up the memories. Did he actually collect information at the tavern, was he really chased just now. All of it became a blur as tried to recollect. Why can’t he remember?

Marcus explain more about the controller and Leon nodded as he grasp what was being told by Marcus to him. Clearing his name would be hard as the only way to stop it is to go to where the Dark Master, Zephyr was.

Knowing that Leon had come across Libraria, Marcus question him on why he was there. Thus, Leon explained that he was looking for books or scrolls that could tell him on how to defeat Dracula. Marcus contemplated for awhile before revealing to Leon that those text was with him right now and there was no method that told told them on how to kill Dracula.

To make matters worse, now that Dracula has the ability to walk in daylight, all text regarding the Dark Lord is null and void. So what can Leon do now? Revenge was still in his mind. For now he took the advice of Marcus and killing Zephyr is what he needed to do.

Omega, the last town that was built before Dracula started its reign of terror. No one was here, the buildings stood still and silent. Last town to be built and the first to be destroyed and ravage by the Dark Lord. Vermins and other vile creature are the new residents.

At the town center was large fire that burn without smoke and did not have any heat. Surprisingly cold to the touch. Leon was curious about this phenomenon and Marcus mention that this was the last thing that the Omegans did. Only those who wishes to enter the relic room must step into the flame.

Relic room? The place where the Ancient text must be placed if Libraria ever falls. Promising nothing to Leon, Marcus did say that it could contain some manuals which might be beneficial in Leon’s quest. Without a moment of hesitation, he walks into the flame only to be thrown out.

Marcus laughed and said that only he as a Supreme Commander and Custodian is allowed to enter. No one else can but him and him alone. Thus Leon waited outside as Marcus entered. There were demons waiting inside the Relic room, they were disposed of with ease.

While he was disposing of the Relic room’s defense mechanism, Leon was busy fighting of a mob of demons and vile being. It has been awhile since he last encountered them and after vanquishing the final demon, Leon felt really good.