Fort of Decadence – Series 52

The Dark Masters who received the news cheered and give praises to their lord. Six nights they celebrated by sending out more creatures of the night to defile the lands in their region. At their own town, they slaughtered some of the citizens which they kept as slaves. Blood moon rising.

Elsewhere the Holy Order was moving onwards towards Dracula’s Castle, as they pass the towns which were not under a Dark Master, they rallied those capable and willing to join their cause. From a platoon of 1000, the troops was closer to 5000 now. The Pope was pleased with this as he sat in his command room back in the Vatican.

Some of the viziers begged the Pope to reconsider this plan of his. All advise fell on deaf ears. Best defense is an offense and the Pope believed deeply that this was the time. His personal guards whispered amongst themselves and they did not like how this was going. They felt that something will go wrong but they kept it among themselves.

Leon who left Alpha was roughly four nights away from the castle. One man can make a difference and with that thought in his heart, he pressed forward killing the creatures of the night that attacked him in his journey towards his ultimate goal. He was coming from the southern gates while the Holy Order was coming from the northern.

It was now the last day and Leon was in front of the gate. The gate had an ominous carving of a person being hung upside down and two demons standing at both sides. Try as he might to shove or to yank it open, the gate will not budge at all. Even with the help of the whip, nothing change. Leon look around to find a different entrance in this area.

The castle was huge and the next gate would take at least half a day to reach. There should be another way to get into the castle. Leon searched high and low but there seem to be none. Then he saw a hole which he could use to crawl in but if he did, the supply bag which he was carrying needs to be abandon.

Contemplating on this predicament, he decided to take the necessary vials and potions. Now that Leon was in the compound, it was time to get into the castle and search for Dracula. Meanwhile, at the northern entrance, the Holy Order use their strength to break the gate down and stormed inside.

Some of the creatures of the night hid from the Holy Order, while some attack in accordance with the plan that Dracula left them with. That is to lure them into the castle while the Dark Lord and Dark Masters attack Vatican. Not knowing of this, the Holy Order attack and broke down the doors of the castle.

Though they were scared, now they were full of energy. At last the darkness will end and the Dark Lord will now be dead forever more. As they entered into the main hallway, they were greeted by Grim Reaper who hovered in the air.

Grim Reaper :: “My master is waiting for you. Come and find the Dark Lord or maybe Dracula will find you”

Then in a cloud of smoke the Grim Reaper disappeared. The Holy Order split up and entered the three doors that was in front of them. The Dark Lord will die this very night and by the hands of the Holy Order.

At the same time as they storm through the three doors, Leon was busy fighting with the lesser minions before he too stood in front of the same doors that the Holy Order had entered moments before. Those door were huge, one could stack up at least 15 Leons one on top another just to reach the very top of the door.

But now to choose the door. Left, right or center? Which one should Leon choose? Taking a gamble, he uncoiled the Alchemic whip and whiplash the air above. A loud snap before the tail-end of the whip fell pointing to the door on the right. The right door then.

Elsewhere, about half a day to Vatican, Dracula stood upon its carriage cloaked in full black. In the Dark Lord’s hand was a pouch filled with the most potent blood stones that is now protecting the sun-sensitive skin of itself. No one knew that the Dark Lord was so close to the Vatican.