Fort of Decadence – Series 53

Those in the Vatican, could not have figured it out. How could they when the towns that was once protected by the Holy Order were now left to standalone. To make matters worse, these few towns were protected by the Holy Order’s very own protective spell that prevented anything from going in or out from it.

Dracula laughed and laughed. Their own spell and defense will be their own downfall. Counting the amount of blood stones left, Dracula inform the troops to set up camp, slaughter any humans in a 10 mile radius and assemble a barrier of invisibility before their conquest the following day. There will be no mercy to the Vatican and to the citizens tomorrow, that Dracula assured all who were there.

Back at the castle, Leon was in a room leaning against the wall. His legs were filled with slashes from the battle just now and he had no more strength to move. Digging into his pockets, there was roughly enough healing potion. Thus he quaff one and felt rejuvenated and the wounds close.

Although the wounds were now healed, Leon was still tired and he knew going on would be suicide. Looking around the room that he was in, there wasn’t much in it and he felt that he could rest just a little bit before pursuing the Dark Lord.

At the same time at a different location, one group of the Holy Order was being pressed by horde of demons which kept multiplying with each attack that they received. This group retreated to nearest room and regroup. Knowing that this was the only way through, they thought of a strategy.

Elsewhere in a different location in the castle, a group of minotaurs laid on the floor with their head decapitated. One of the Holy Order stood on the corpses with her fist held high, the rest lifted that weapons up and bellowed a loud cheer. Though they were happy, they felt something amiss here.

The third group however were having troubles of their own. Between them and the door to salvation was not just one basilisk but five basilisk. Luck was not being a lady this evening, for a quarter of the group were not in full fighting form. The odds were stack against them but they have come this far and they will not back down.

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