Fort of Decadence – Series 60

Now at Isolde, things were moving at its own pace. People were laughing, trade was happening, just your typical day at Isolde except this time dark clouds were forming above the town. Thinking that this was just a natural occurrence, the people of Isolde continued with their daily chore.

Then it started to rain and thunder clapped the skies. It became dark all of a sudden. The guards standing at the entrance was trying to make out the figure that was standing in the distance. Who is that person? Lightning sparked behind the figure and illuminated the person’s face.

Even for a brief moment of illumination, that face was undeniable and the guards quickly closed the gates and sounded the alarm. That person there was Dracula and it was walking slowly towards their town. Panic filled the town as they tried to run away but alas, Dracula had already sent its army to guard the perimeter.

With a flick of the hand, the gate broke and the guards flew to the side. Former soldiers from Libraria took arms and stood their ground, they attack with physical and magic attacks. Some of them form packs to attack the creatures of the night that was not letting the people of Isolde escape.

Dracula scanned the area and wasn’t bothered by their attacks, occasionally when a soldier came up and was about to strike the Dark Lord with their blade; Dracula single-handedly broke the blade with ease. The soldiers were wary about Dracula, what was the Dark Lord looking for?

There she was, there’s the person which Dracula is looking for; Kathrine and her baby girl Charlotte. Dracula blasted those around it and held Kathrine by the neck, Charlotte who fell from her mother’s arm was caught in the other hand of Dracula. The baby girl started to cry and wail.

Kathrine struggled and screamed for help. Save us, save the baby, those words repeated endlessly. Dracula turn around and began walking out of Isolde with Kathrine and her child in hand. The soldiers stop for they did not want to hurt Kathrine and the child.

Tears were flowing, where was her beloved husband? Where was Marcus? Baby Charlotte was crying profusely the she stopped; looking battered and bruise stood Marcus in a distance. Charlotte knew it was her daddy, Kathrine at this time had already fainted.

Marcus who saw Dracula there knew it was just a clone and ran straight towards the Dark Lord with his sword drawn. Dracula knowing that it can’t fight with its arms full, laid the two hostages on the ground and charged towards Marcus with claws out. The two fought with disregard. Skins were torn, tooth were broken and bones were cracked. Was it a stalemate? Far beyond that, the person who was having their skin torn and bones cracked was Marcus.

Former Supreme Commander and Custodian of Libraria stood his ground as best as he could, when he saw his former soldiers; Marcus commander them to rescue his wife and child. They did what was asked. Dracula attacked them and Marcus defended them.

Lady Luck wasn’t with them as Dracula pushed them all away with ease. Realizing that time was wasted, Dracula walked towards its two hostages. Marcus lying prone on the ground tried getting up, having a broken foot was giving him a problem doing so. He cried out for help as Dracula bent down to pick up Charlotte.

Charlotte who was not crying at this moment, raise both her arm as though she wanted to be carried. Dracula scoop her off the ground and then look at Kathrine’s still unconscious body before turning around and walking away. Marcus drag himself and shouted his baby’s name.

The young baby look into the eyes of the Dark Lord with such innocence that Dracula felt a tingle in its skin. This was strange, the dark clouds were moving away and a bright blue sky was beginning to appear. Dracula was getting worried, although it had taken some blood stone; its army who was attacking Isolde will be affected.

Also if they were defeated, it will be hard to fight a number of soldiers. As the skies change from a sorrowful darkness to brightly blue sky, Charlotte began radiating a brilliant hue of white and gold. She place her tiny hand on the chest of the Dark Lord.