Fort of Decadence – Series 56

Dracula inspected every zone in the Vatican, then commanded the Dark Masters to rule each zone but to leave Central empty. The power to split body was waning slowly and the Dark Lord had to return to the original copy. The Dark Masters bid farewell to their Dark Lord before taking in the knowledge that each of them were given a zone to rule.

Hung crucified on a stake was the Pope in the middle of Central. Dark magic keeping him alive and his sad looking face was being displayed to everyone in every zone. To remind them that they, the Dark Masters are now rulers of their beloved city.

There was torture shows happening every day and 8 deaths at the end of the week. The clear water fountain are now spewing blood of those who died. People of the Vatican did their best to survive in the conditions that were given to them. Some even sacrifice their purity to ensure that their family or love ones were not harmed.

Some Dark Masters honored the sacrifice, some did not. If hell came to earth, this was hell and surely Satan would feel at home right here and now.

Back at Dracula’s Castle, the Dark Lord with its legs cross look down on the floor. Lying on the ground were the Holy Orders. Battered, wounded, bruise and half dying. Grim Reaper was hovering around them while telling the master about their valiant efforts to kill Grim Reaper.

Dracula drank the blood wine it was holding and applause the effort of the Holy Order. Then the Dark Lord applause louder for Grim Reaper and its sudden strength to wipe them off the proverbial table. The Grim Reaper nodded and disappeared from its master’s sight.

One member of the Holy Order tried dragging herself forward. Her eyes were staring deep into Dracula’s eyes. Unknowingly, she was moving not on her own but by Dracula’s power. Of course she can’t move on her own, the bones in her feet and hand were crushed.

Dracula :: “Maybe you’ll be fit to bear me a child”

The female soldier nodded in a trance. Other members of the Holy Order tried to stop Dracula but a barrier made of magic was stopping them. Then again, even if there was no barrier, they had no strength to get up or to perform any incantations.

One, two, three, five thrust into the female. Dracula lick its lips then called up Grim Reaper to bring the female to the breeding jail. Sitting back on the throne, Dracula pondered on what to do with these people. Should they be turned into vampires?

What a splendid idea! Not only will they be good minions, they will retain the knowledge and magic skill of their former self. Thus Dracula magically lifted the members of the Holy Order one by one, turning them into vampires. There was just one more to turn when a crash from the glass windows above.

Leon swung down from above making quite a grand entrance. Dracula was not happy with this. No one disturbs the Dark Lord during meal time but this was an exception for the conquest of Vatican before this was a lovely appetizer, Pointing to the pile of people, Dracula told Leon that they have been bitten and will turn into vampires.

Only way to stop it is for him to burn them in fire or to kill the Dark Lord. Leon chose the latter option and attack Dracula. The Dark Lord disappeared into the shadows laughing. Leon shouted and screamed. He was so close to killing the Dark Lord.

Seeing that there was no way to kill Dracula now, Leon tore pieces of clothing and stuff it into their mouths. As he pour oil on their body, Leon kept asking for forgiveness. The Holy Order close their eyes and in doing so, they were forgiving the deed that Leon was about to do.