Fort of Decadence – Series 57

Using fire spell, he lit the pile and burn them to death. Screams of anguish and pain as the fire burn their cut clothing, sticking to their skin. Eyeballs exploded due to the lost of moisture. Leon wanted to look away but he didn’t and after a clean 10 minutes, all that was left were bones and armor that did not burn with a few swords here and there.

He knelt on the ground and place his head on the floor, Leon bang the floor with his fist before he got up and walk out the door. There has been too many deaths and this is the last straw. Dracula must die tonight.

Leon took the Holy Order’s armor and wore it. The rejuvenating properties made him feel refresh but it did not heal the wound of the heart. As he walk out the doorway, there stood Marcus who was leaning on his sword. Leon was surprised and asked why he was here.

The Supreme Commander said nothing but in his eyes, Marcus was saying that he wanted to see Leon defeat the Dark Lord. Knowing that having help is good, Leon accepted Marcus to join him in defeating Dracula. Thus the two of them began their journey to find the Dark Lord in its Castle.

Tracing back his steps with Marcus in tow, Leon came back to the place that had three staircases with two doors in between. This time he took the other door. When Leon open the door, a foul stench whiffed through the air. It smelled of burnt skin and boiled blood.

There were steps leading downwards and it went down for a while. A cave with a smell that would make anyone faint. The dripping of water on to the rocks was loud and deafening. After much walking Leon and Marcus entered a room filled with tanks that was filled with colored water.

Was this a science lab? The demon scientist who was here paid no attention to their uninvited human guest. They scurried around mumbling to themselves that work needs to be completed. Though they paid no attention, Leon and Marcus was careful not to cause any ruckus.

Moving further in was an empty space with three tanks. Three familiar tanks and these were the tanks that was holding Lucius, Lusive and Luke. Leon’s eyes was bulging out, he could not believe it. Banging on each of the tanks, he called out their name. There was no reply or any movement from any of them.

Looking at all the tubes that was going into the the tank, Leon was looking for the one that will remove the liquid from it. An alarm rang when he did this and the once care-free demon scientist turn around and bared their fangs and long nails.

Not sure how long it was but it wasn’t that long with the help of Marcus, who was not pleased with what Leon had done. Yet it is over so there was nothing much he could say. Leon took the lifeless body of each of his friends and laid them down. Were they still alive?

Tubes were running out of their body, Leon shook them but there was no movement at all. Their eyes had rolled back to the back of their skull. Lips were pale white and their skin was whiter than snow. Leon kept shaking them, calling their name.

Marcus place his hand on Leon’s shoulder and shook his head. It was time to let it go, Leon’s friend had long left the world ages ago. Leon cried before standing up and continued walking along the corridor. They left the science lab in a mess, bodies were every where, glasses broken as they entered the dungeon.