Fort of Decadence – Series 58

A dungeon next to the science lab. Definitely human experiments, when one of the human prisoner caught a glimpse of Leon and Marcus they shouted wildly, saying their savior has arrived. Both of them tried to keep the prisoner quiet but other prisoners started shouting as well.

Two dungeon masters appeared, one held a sword and the other wielded two single head axes. A fight! Swings, parries, a block! Magic spells and quaffing of potions. These two dungeon masters were strong but at the end they were defeated. Leon and Marcus stop to catch their breath.

Again the prisoners shouted wildly and a new set of demons came to fight them. Marcus did his best to hold them off while Leon was searching for the keys to release the prisoners. Catching their breathe again, they gave directions to the prisoners on how to escape.

They stood walk up and gave a hug as a sign of thanks to both Leon and Marcus. The two of them return the favor. It was at this instance, the prisoners true colors were shown as they use their nails to claw the backs of Leon and Marcus.

No choice was given, Marcus decapitated their head with his sword. Leon laid their bodies back into the prison, he then gave a short prayer before he look into Marcus eyes. Their eyes met and this was the eyes of someone who was determine to see the Dark Lord dead no matter the cost.

Back at Isolde, Kathrine was surprise to see Charlotte being able to stand up on her own. She was please that not only was her baby girl standing, Charlotte was much love by the people at Isolde. Kathrine carried her child and gave her a kiss.

As she and her child look into the cloudy sky, Kathrine’s wish was that this darkness from their hearts and the hearts of all be gone. Where is her beloved husband? She pondered and hope Marcus return as soon as he can.

At the Vatican, some tried to escape the city but a barrier was blocking them. Now with no means of escape from their captors, many had taken the option of being the Dark Masters’ slave and others chose the option of suicide. No Holy Order to come to their rescue, city guards all dead and those that were alive were captured and tortured.

One Dark Master wanted to start a revolution and he talk among his peers. The revolution was to be the new Dark Lord. That Dark Master was Kadaj and even among other Dark Masters, he was known for his ambitions to overthrow Dracula. His peers in the zone that he has been assigned to was wary of his motives but they were loyal to him and not even Dracula could control them.

Thus on the third day since their conquest, Kadaj had cause an accident which killed one of the Dark Masters. He made sure that no one knew it was him that was the trouble maker. Soon another Dark Master fell by Kadaj’s treacherous ways. Again he denied any allegation place on him citing that he was in his own zone when it happen.

It was true, Kadaj was at his zone when those accidents happen. Because the other Dark Masters did not trust him, they erected a barrier in the residence that he was in. No one could come in or out of it. Though angry with this outcome, Kadaj’s plan was already set in motion and even if the can’t freely roam about, the plan will come into fruition.