Fort of Decadence – Series 59

“We must kill Kadaj”

“That man cannot live”

“Dracula will kill us if we did”

“Let us get some one to do our dirty deed”

The Dark Masters discussed on how they wanted to remove Kadaj. After much deliberation, they went and executed their plan. Everything was going according to plan until on of them got killed. Those who survived were shocked, there was no way Kadaj could have done it as that barrier made sure nothing could leave or enter; even magic spells.

With no concrete evidence they release Kadaj who feigned regret of knowing another Dark Master had fallen.

Back in Dracula’s castle, Leon and Marcus was in a room filled with coffins. Opening one of it, Leon was surprised and was pleasantly happy. In it was Dracula resting, remembering what he had read, Leon had prepared a wooden stake that has been doused with holy water and it had already been blessed.

Marcus nodded his head and Leon slammed the stake into the Dark Lord’s heart. The body started to catch fire before it turned into ashes. Leon knelt down and cried. Finally it is all over.

Dracula :: “What do you think you are doing ?”

Leon and Marcus turn around and at the door where they just entered stood Dracula? They look at the coffin and then back to the door. How could this be ? Wasn’t that the Dark Lord? So why then was Dracula standing at the door looking much alive?

Dracula walk towards them and look at the coffin and lamented. Before Leon could strike the Dark Lord, he and Marcus were sent flying across the room and they hit the other coffins that were there. The force of their body, made the coffin cover drop. Another body of Dracula was in it.

Dracula :: “Meet the other me. This is the power of science, these are my clones which your forefathers had killed many times.”

Leon :: “All this time?”

Dracula :: “Yes, for the past millenia that Adobel, Montahue and other clans who came here, they killed only the vessel but not my true body. You could try killing me but am I the true body? Oh you are Marcus right? I heard your wife gave you a baby girl.

Marcus :: “What have you done to them!”

Dracula :: “The me here has done nothing yet, but another me is heading to Isolde right now”

Drawing his sword, Marcus ran towards Dracula. The Dark Lord laughed loudly and avoided all of Marcus’ attack. It then warn Marcus not to fight It but to go to Isolde to see the destruction cause by the clone.

Leon nodded to Marcus who slowly move backwards and out of the door. Now standing in the room was just Leon and Dracula. The air had gotten thicker and Leon was feeling rather down all of a sudden. This wasn’t the time to be feeling this way, so Leon got up and started attacking Dracula with the Alchemic Whip.

Just like what happen with Marcus, Dracula avoided the whip but occasionally the whip made contact with the Dark Lord. Screams came out of the Dark Lord, that hurt. The whip really hurt. Dracula was now cautious about the whip. Seeing how it hurt badly, Leon kept on swinging the whip like a mad man.

Knowing that this will not end well, Dracula leapt back and withdrew from battle. Leon panted and panted. If that which he attack wasn’t the real body, how powerful is the real one ? The other body of Dracula was here in this room, hopefully it is all of it.

One, five, ten, thirty, fifty, Leon continued counting for awhile more before he stopped. How many of these clones were here? What is all of this were just clones? What if the real body was here? There was only one thing to do and that was to destroy each of the body.

Looking at the last body, Leon hope that this was indeed the real one or the last clone. Looking at the two bottles, two more tries. That bottle contain holy water which he drenches the stake with. Raising his hand, Leon plunged the stake. A loud cry was heard but it did not come from the room.

Dracula, the real one, was grabbing its chest. Every time that Leon destroyed a clone, the Dark Lord could feel it. But this wasn’t a concern for Dracula, there was another clone that was heading towards Isolde. The child of Marcus will be Dracula’s soon.