Fort of Decadence – Series 63

His hand was gripping the edge, legs dangling in the air and the Alchemic Whip was on a cog below him. To jump down or not to jump down, strangely enough Grim Reaper was not attacking Leon who was hanging there. Was this some sort of trickery? Or could it be that the negation of light magic is nullified outside the room ?

Closing his eyes, Leon swung his feet forward to push himself backwards. Hopefully he gained enough momentum to get to that cog. It felt like hours as Leon was in the air but he knew the force used was not enough. Finger tip barely gripping the edge of a cog. Leon fell backwards and his back hit a gear and he screamed in pain.

Grim Reaper was still not going out of the room. It watch Leon trying to get up before his body slumped due to the intense pain. Grim Reaper watch for a brief moment before returning to its room to continue pending work.

The gear which Leon was now lying on was moving slowly towards another gear. With half his body dangling down below, Leon’s body was moving ever slowly to being crushed. Either it was luck or something, a freak thunderclap happen and it awoken the dazed Leon. Seeing his predicament, Leon pulled himself up before jumping down to where his whip was.

Knowing that it would be impossible to fight Grim Reaper in that room, Leon pick his whip up and continued to a different part of the castle. Soon he was in the room where his beloved Sara’s maidenhood was removed, the thoughts of this saddened Leon’s heart. Taking out his dagger, he slit his finger and let a drop of blood fall onto the ground.

Somewhere in the castle, Dracula was busy feeding on some of the prisoners which it had kept for emergency usage. After going through 10 prisoners, the Dark Lord stopped and lick its lips. Juicy and tasty blood, though only 3 of them were pure but it was better than nothing. Feeling refresh, Dracula went down to the science lab.

Seeing the damage which was left by Leon, the Dark Lord smashed the remaining tubes that was still on the table. This human was making much trouble and needs to be eradicated like the bug which he is. Slicing of all of its fingers on the left hand, Dracula began chanting a dark spell which transform each finger into a demon creature.

Its left hand began to regrow the fingers which was sliced off. The Dark Lord then commanded the five demons to seek and bring Leon to the throne room and if he resist, they were allowed to beat Leon to a pulp but he must still be alive but barely. The five nodded and went on their separate ways, searching for the men who has angered their life giver, Dracula.

Vatican was in a turmoil not because of the Dark Masters torturing the humans for their pleasure but the internal fighting that is happening among them. All of it started with Kadaj, who’s ambition is to become the only Dark Master. The plan which he had executed was proceeding smoothly.

Standing against his total dominance was two more Dark Masters who was putting up a good fight. Collateral damage was huge, about 60% of Vatican was damage. Building destroyed, towers burning and a huge size of the population was injured. Some of the people were being mind controlled to fight for Sodom, a Dark Master and another set was being controlled by Baal, another Dark Master.

Kadaj fought valiantly and at the end of the day, Baal was the one left standing. It was now a battle between these two only and Kadaj was feeling very generous. The Dark Master ordered his troops to return to base. As a warrior, Kadaj felt it was right for Baal to rebuild his forces to have an equal standing with him before they battle again.

Two nights passed by and both sides was ready to battle. Shout from one group was heard and then another was heard. Kadaj and Baal rallied their forces and rushed towards each other. They were determine to kill each other and be the last one standing.

Back in Dracula’s Castle, Dracula was watching this on its viewing globe. As much as it pleases the Dark Lord to see the destruction, Dracula was not at all please with what the Dark Masters were doing. They were given specific commands not to make a mess of Vatican, especially the central zone.

Transforming into a bat, Dracula flew towards Vatican. Kadaj and Baal was battling it out and they did not realize that their Dark Lord was watching from a spire nearby. The two of them was about to swing their halberd and mace on to each other before a figure appeared in between them that push both of them away.