Oktoberfest – For The Love Of Beer

Heineken Star Serve

Did you know that at the Nuffnang FoodFest which is happening on October 5th at Sunway Pyramid; the guys from Guinness Anchor Berhad will be bringing Oktoberfest to you? Well they are! And Heineken, Guinness as well as Tiger Beer will be on deck for all you beer lovers out there.

As we all know, Lyle has always been a fan of all things GAB and Nuffnang has this contest where they are giving out 6 coupons to enjoy two of each of the three beers we have mentioned earlier. These ain’t just normal mugs of beer, these are pints.

Imaging 6 pints of beer and because we Malaysian’s were once conquered by the British. 1 pint equals to 0.568261 liters compared to the US measurement where 1 (US) Pint equals to 0.473176 liters. We thank the UK measurement of a pint and therefore, 3.4 liters of beer for Lyle. But alas! That is too much beer for him and thus he would like to share his pints with

Darren & Anne from Nuffnang, Any two from GAB and the last two will be for Lyle!

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