It is easy to break down and criticize people on things that they have done. Although it might seem tough, we need to cultivate the habit of complimenting people on the good that they have done in their life whether it has impacted you or not.

Rachel Chee at Taman Jaya

Liked sun-kissed summers in all their gold, Returning each year after the cold,


Just finish watching ted. A movie directed by Seth MacFarlane who is known for Family Guy. This is Seth directorial debut in a live-action effort, where he is voice the voice of Ted, our titular hero.

This movie has yet to be shown in Malaysian and what Serge watched is the professionally acquired material which he is famous for. We recommend that you read the wiki of Ted to get the gist of the storyline. But if you want to read Serge’s version of the movie, it comes right after the jump with spoilers of course.

Zouk Hugo

Still awake at this time. Writing a post at an hour which does not seem normal at all, yet this is when the mildly creative juices flow.

Astro On The Go Launch Party

Couldn’t we be like those birds that chooses one partner and remain faithful until death do us part? Why are some of us falling in love in one moment and then falling out of it? Can’t this arms of ours hold on to the ones we love forever and ever? Serge doesn’t know why we sentient beings do such a thing.


Many thanks to Nuffnang for the invites to Brave. This is one Disney-Pixar computer-generated cartoon movie that Serge has waited for nearly a year. There wasn’t much hype on this movie except for the hint that the hero is a heroine with spunk!


This is what Serge believes in. This is what a family needs to be.

BBQ Eve 2007

We miss the days when things were as it was at those times, when we could pick up the phone make a call and everyone just got together. What ever happen to those days?

Genting Trip 2006

Only a certain few knows about Serge fishing for a certain someone. The bait was set and he waited for the fish to appear. Everything was working smoothly until that fish ask if their significant other can tag along.

Euphoria Kakiis 08

There is nothing greater than knowing for a fact that no matter what happens in the next few months, nothing can bring Serge down. Ok, this is probably the worst lie ever, things can still bring him down but it will not bring him down permanently.