To the future spouse whom our time lines have not cross, we say “Hello sweetie”. To the future spouse who showed compassion for the Dalek, we ask you to show even more. To the one who will be ours, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey will not break us apart.

To the future spouse of whom our hearts interconnect, your name will be burn in the stars of the Medusa Cascade. There maybe a time when you will forget love, but the songs about you will be sung across all time and space.

To the future spouse that dared to grab our hand, we will run on the Shining World of the Seven Systems. Let us sit on the Never-Ending Mountains of Solace and Solitude, as we look at the orange sky, snow-capped mountains and trees with silver leaves.

To the future spouse who stepped into Dårlig Ulv Stranden, we will find you and we will always be together. No one can stop us when a good person goes to war. Demon’s run and enemies fall.

You who will be our future wife; look into our eyes and trust me. To the future spouse, promise us that you will not ask our child to pray to the angels. And we promise to you, by the laws of the Shadow Proclamation; that we will always love you.

Sometimes, being in the friendzone ain’t that bad at all.

It is easy to break down and criticize people on things that they have done. Although it might seem tough, we need to cultivate the habit of complimenting people on the good that they have done in their life whether it has impacted you or not.

Don’t you know that compliments are as good as laughter? Otherwise we won’t say that laughter is the best medicine at all.

Rachel Chee at Taman Jaya

Liked sun-kissed summers in all their gold, Returning each year after the cold,


Just finish watching ted. A movie directed by Seth MacFarlane who is known for Family Guy. This is Seth directorial debut in a live-action effort, where he is voice the voice of Ted, our titular hero.

This movie has yet to be shown in Malaysian and what Lyle watched is the professionally acquired material which he is famous for. We recommend that you read the wiki of Ted to get the gist of the storyline. But if you want to read Lyle’s version of the movie, it comes right after the jump with spoilers of course.

Zouk Hugo

Still awake at this time. Writing a post at an hour which does not seem normal at all, yet this is when the mildly creative juices flow.

He had a Royal Danish Stout, terrible tasting. Guinness is a better choice. Life has too many imperfections and there are times when Lyle wants to give up. To give up on everything that he does really. Where is the love which he holds so dear? Lost in translation and trampled around by the people whom he cares about.

Yet this people just don’t know that they are doing this to him. Tunnel vision. One way track into obliviousness. Though there are many interest, only one has a higher rating than most. Being too caring has its downfall. Many men have bowed their heads in solemness to a brother who has been friendzoned.

She is going off and will return later in this week. She knows about him and how much he cares about her. Fortunately or it maybe an unfortunate turn of events that he just can’t bring himself to make that person his forever more. What is this fear that scares and shackles the heart and soul of the one called Lyle?

Rejection? Highly unlikely. We might settle on the fact that, he has hurt many hearts before. A person once mention to him, “your words are the most sincere but you just can’t seem to stop caring for others and that makes us scared that you’ll leave us for another.” As much as we try to ignore this, somewhere in the broken windows of the heart; there is a hurtful beauty in the truth.

These hands, its empty right now. They just want to hold a hand right now and with the warmth that flows from the palm of his to the one he loves; may this gesture of affection be reciprocated by a tightening of the other palm.

Does she even know?

Astro On The Go Launch Party

Couldn’t we be like those birds that chooses one partner and remain faithful until death do us part? Why are some of us falling in love in one moment and then falling out of it? Can’t this arms of ours hold on to the ones we love forever and ever? Lyle doesn’t know why we sentient beings do such a thing.

Admitingly, Lyle is one of these people who fall in and out relationships faster than his own skill of unhooking a bra with one hand in the dark. To the people who found their love at the first go, we salute you. We salute everyone and anyone who are happily married for over 5 years. Take the cake and eat it too.

Love,love,love, so many types. From sexual love, to romance, to platonic and other variations. One might argue that ain’t love at all. Not going to argue on that part for those are your opinions. How we see love is on a rainbow spectrum with no ends.

So what is wrong with us that when we do settle down the number of partners we have can range from 3 – 7 or more? Probably it is the caveman gene inside us men and women species. We want to be with the people who makes us special, protect us and at the same time, give a gene pool for our upcoming descendants a fighting chance.

Other factors for our unfaithfulness, may have stem out of our own cowardice. When things just goes on to perfect, we just feel like something is up and wrong. Indirectly, we fool ourselves and with self-desecration make our current relationship; go down the drain.

Right now, there is one person whom Lyle wants to be with. Is that person reading this entry? We can say that they are. We also would like to say that even though Lyle wants to be with this person, the courage to say those words are not coming well at all.

A cowardice take as he looks at them. The tears flows down as the legs are too scared to move forward and bring them on a magic carpet ride.


Many thanks to Nuffnang for the invites to Brave. This is one Disney-Pixar computer-generated cartoon movie that Lyle has waited for nearly a year. There wasn’t much hype on this movie except for the hint that the hero is a heroine with spunk!

Brave in a nutshell goes like this, Merida is the protagonist, Elinor is the mother and King Fergus is well obviously the King of DunBroch and father to Merida. Mother wants daughter to be more lady-like, Merida wants to be wild and free and Dad just wants what is right.

Mother tries to marry off Merida, Merida defies mother and seeks help from a witch. Witch helps and mother turns into a bear. Feeling remorse, Merida tries to undo the witch’s spell.

During the course of breaking the spell, both mom and Merida finally understood what each other wants and that in any conversation; both sides must talk and must listen to each other. Obviously this is Disney so happy ending happens.

What we love about this movie is the underlying love of Elinor who cares very much for her daughter, Merida. Even though Merida is the protagonist of Brave, Elinor’s portrayal of being a caring mom while she was in bear form, showcase the extend of how much she loves Merida.

This movie will definitely be professionally acquired.


This is what Lyle believes in. This is what a family needs to be.

BBQ Eve 2007

We miss the days when things were as it was at those times, when we could pick up the phone make a call and everyone just got together. What ever happen to those days?

Not sure where it went but journals of the past has mentioned that people move on, he has moved on and they have moved on. The part of Lyle with this particular group has disappeared and only a few he keeps in contact with. Once in awhile, they meet up to chat and that makes all things good in some bits and pieces.

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