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  • The Influence

    No sentient is an island.

    No sentient being in this world can do things on their own, that is why we all have partners, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and so forth. We all are interlocked and interrelated in the spectrum known as inter-dependency. Through this system, we make mistakes, we grow and we become sentience of this world. Yet there are those who does not realize that this inter-dependency has in more ways than one; influence meta-physical and meta-psychology of a being.

  • Reliable and Trustworthy

    Have you ever had an acquaintance who you hated a lot whether in college, school or in work but is able to deliver what needs to be delivered ? We’re sure you had or maybe you still have one of them in your life; that person is a reliable person. Because you can rely on him or her but can you trust them ? Maybe you can, maybe you can’t.

  • A much needed but unwanted break

    Yesterday begins day one of five days where Lyle will not be in the office. If you have been reading his tweets at @dustyhawk; you will know that in addition of getting normal annual days off, Lyle will get days off when he works on a public holiday. Terms and conditions will apply on that matter plus there is an end user license agreement which he does not agree upon all the time.

  • 4 Relationship Damaging Effects of Poor Sleep


    1. Less empathy -The worse couples slept, the less empathy they showed towards their partners. And it worked both ways: after a bad night’s sleep, not only did they find it difficult to judge their partner’s emotions, it was difficult for their partner to read them in turn.

  • Celebrated Tolerance


    And the world began and it ended. The words that was said on that night was cold as it shivers down the spine. The start was the finisher. Let it go was what the heart said and the mind knew it was true.