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Peter Pan the Musical 2010

With wishes and dreams, fairy dust and hope and a believing heart; you know that if you have all of this in your heart, you can fly away to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning. Peter Pan, a fairy tale which Lyle had the pleasure growing up with and reading the book by J.M Barrie. For those who are not as vintage as Lyle, Peter Pan is a boy who never grew up and live in this place called Neverland.

By the magic of all things christmassy and to the powers of AMBP, Lyle was whisked away to Neverland or for those who does not believe; Sunway Lagoon’s Amphitheatre for Peter Pan the Musical. For those who read Lyle’s previous post, this musical play is a West End production with leads coming from this area and the rest from all around the globe.

Being part of Nuffnang‘s Glitterati Plus Club, Lyle used his influence to bring on some Nuffnang bloggers to watch Peter Pan the Musical’s Gala Premiere. Sometimes it is good to know people and good to be known.

Peter Pan the Musical 2010

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Before the start of the event, Lyle went and met up with Vivien, Ginny and Natalie. This was because Lyle promised Natalie something and being a man of his word, he went and kept his word. After watching them talk and eat, the four of them left and went on their separate ways. Maybe Lyle should have left earlier as most of the good seats were gone. This was a near Sad Keanu moment but all is well when he found a seat and even though the angle for it wasn’t what he had wanted; it was as good as it gets.

Peter Pan the musical began with a scene of London and it snowed, it really snowed ! Ok ok, it was machine generated foam that look like snow but it was great. The kids that was watching it was really happy, you could see the shine on their faces. From London, we went to the house of Wendy Darling and Peter Pan came in to find his shadow that he had lost. With twirl of the needle here and there, Wendy sewed Peter’s shadow. With some fairy dust and a believing heart, both of them flew to Neverland.

To those who did not know, in any Peter Pan stage production, it has become an unwritten custom that the person who play’s Wendy’s father will play Captain Hook. The man who played Hook is really awesome both on stage and off stage and tonight he was gloriously glorious. There are so many things Lyle would like to say about this musical but he does not want to spoil the fun, therefore he urges you to watch this.

Peter Pan the Musical 2010

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Peter Pan the Musical will be held at Sunway Lagoon’s Amphitheatre from November 26th,2010 until January 2nd, 2011. Call +603 5639 0000 or visit and connect with them via Facebook and Twitter for more information about this magical event.

Also if you know of any charity homes that would like to watch this magical play, leave a message to Lyle here with a valid email address as he has a surprise for you and the charity home! Terms & Conditions apply. Last but not least in this post a photo of Lyle with the director and choreographer of Peter Pan the Musical.

Peter Pan the Musical 2010

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