Year 2012 The Year of Winning and of Events

By in Life on 1 January, 2013

Lou Sang Twt Up 2012

2013 is here and by the gods of Tristan and Isolde, Serge remembered 2012 like it was only yesterday. What a wonderous 2012 he had with all his good friends from all around the reel and real world. Today, we are doing a recap of 2012 of the things which Serge has done in 2012.

So hold on tight and on to your seats, this ride will be low octane and high in egoness. Also this is going to be one loong post, longer than Serge’s other brother.

January 2012

VW Test Drive 2012
Nuffnang invited Serge to test drive some Volkswagen Cars

Pet Project Malaysia 2012
we helped out in Pets Project Malaysia 2012 and will be helping out in 2013 too!

February 2012
Nuffnang 5th Anniversary
Celebrated 5 years of Nuffnang and Serge won a trip to Mabul Island

Hitz.FM Invasion 2012
Partied with the Hitz.FM crew

Avril Lavigne KL 2012
Thanks to Tune Talk, Serge got to watch Avril Lavigne in concert

April 2013
An Honest Mistake's Showcase + 2nd Album Launch
Had a good time with An Honest Mistake as they launched their second album

Glenmorangie Soundform
Partied with the people of Glenmorangie

Roxy Midvalley 2012
Watch the Roxy Girls strut their stuff on the catwalk

Roxy Set You Free Outing
Before the above happen, Serge spent time with them and got to know them.

Greyson Day in KL - One Utama
Not exactly a fan of Greyson Chance, but hey! Love the crowd who was here to support him

May 2012
Markets VI Jaya One
As usual Serge was doing his usual Markets at Jaya One. This is version 6

Quiksilver Roxy Flagship
He witness the launch of Roxy & Quiksilver’s Flagship Store

Hennesy Building The Future
As an avid fan of Hennessy, Serge witness the launch of their new bottle design.

Come Together 2012 - Pray For Alda Evan Tan
Music is a powerful tool. Alda Evan Tan, you will be missed.

June 2012
Train at KL Live 2012
And with drops of jupiter in her hair, Serge saw Train performed.

Cheer 2012 Day 2
It isn’t a secret that Serge is a fan of cheerleading and to watch Cyrens win CHEER for the 3rd year in a row was a fantastic event.

Amber Chia Academy Modeling Kids Party
Little kids has always been part of Serge’s life and to see tiny ones be future models can bring happy tears to him

July 2012
SMSU IR Day 2012
There is something about Subang Jaya and how Serge seem to appear at a Leo Club’s IR Day.

SWV Day 3
Remember that time when Serge won a trip by Nuffnang? This is it !

Pestle & Mortar Smashing Sunday
Serge enjoyed his first Smashing Sunday with the guys of Pestle & Mortar

SMKSJ Leo Club's IR Day 2012
Like we said, Subang Jaya and their Leo Club. This time it is for the SMK Subang Jaya

September 2012
Markets 7 Jaya One
Coming back to Jaya One, Serge was there to see the crowd of Markets 7

Met fantastic people during OMG

Artistry KWC 2012
Grooving at KWC for Hennessy Artistry

MHB 2nd Anniversary
Hey sexy ladies! Serge was having a blast with the girls of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers at their second anniversary.

October & November 2012
ChurpOut 2012
Churp Churp had their first all-out Churpout and Serge was happy to be there.

Hennessy Artistry Pinacle 2012
The final and main Hennessy Artistry, it was not as good as the one at KWC though.

December 2012
Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 1
10 years of Comic Fiesta, what a way to go !

For This Cycle @ Laundry (DEC 2012)
Watched For This Cycle at Laundry perform. Also saw Talitha perform too.

Rachel Chee at Taman Jaya
Did a photoshoot with Rachel. She has a special place in Serge’s heart.

Thirst 2012
Raving out at THIRST . Somehow Serge wondered how he was not drunk that night.

Urbanscapes 2012 Day 1
All things artsy and fartsy must be Urbanscapes. Though the grounds was muddy, what a splendid two days!

And this ends Serge’s recap of 2012. Trip to Mabul Island, Winning an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy S3 and others. To all his readers, thank you for supporting him since he started blogging in 2002 up to now and remember that we will continue to blog until he is dead or until something miraculous happens!

2 thoughts on “Year 2012 The Year of Winning and of Events

  1. susan_desperado

    U forgot about baskin robbins win

  2. Serge Norguard

    ahahaha, true true… ice cream too damn delicious that i forgot

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