Celebrating the 6th year of Nuffnang

By in Events, Life on 12 March, 2013

Nuffnang is 6

6 years of Nuffnang and they are going strong, Serge has been with them since the very beginning and sadly to say the anniversary party did not have the kick it once had. For new comers and those who joined the community in the past year or so will not be able to experience what Serge has experienced.

Are we dissing the company for what they have done during this night? Nope, we know that in a community that is ever growing the feelings and feel of something will always change year after year after year. Only some companies and products can maintain the same plan year in and year out. Nevertheless, for old folks such as Serge, we feel alone but unlike some old folks, we respect the methodology of how things are run.

Nuffnang is 6

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A good night for those who newbies who came, a rather dull and boring night for the old folks such as Serge

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