Daring Yourself , Serge bums in at Roxy Midvalley

Roxy DYS Midvalley Roadshow

Hello again.

Hope you’re all doing fine and dandy like a candy cane. Lyle was out at Midvalley yesterday and so happen to stumble upon the Roxy Dare Yourself roadshow. What is this roadshow about ? For those who forgot to read this article, let us tell you briefly.

Roxy international is having a competition to find the next Roxy Girl. As this is a global event, Roxy Malaysia is involved too and therefore roadshows such this happens. This is for participants to take get prettified, wear Roxy apparels and get their photos taken to be submitted.

Roxy DYS Midvalley Roadshow

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All of this to be in the running to be the top 10 Roxy Girl in Malaysia who will win around RM1000 in Roxy apparels and other products as well as be in the chance to win USD$5000 worth of prizes that includes a never-will-forget trip. So girls, are you still thinking and saying to yourself that you can’t be the next Roxy Girl?

Shush you! Sure there will be over hundreds and hundreds of participants in Malaysia; the chance of winning might be at 0.1% but remember it is not 0%. Therefore, we at Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror suggest that you go for it.

Anyway, the usual marketing and pr crew of Roxy were there. We love these people very much since 2011. As this was the first roadshow of many, roughly 10 beautiful girls drop by to get their photos taken.

Roxy DYS Midvalley Roadshow

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Even a friend of Lyle drop by to take part. Tall, short, skinny, a bit plump and even those with blemishes came. Do you know why? They dared them self and so you should too as the theme for this year is Roxy Dare Yourself.

To those who missed out on the roadshow, the next Roxy roadshow will be on the following dates and location.

2nd Feb – Roxy Pavillion
23rd Feb – Roxy Suria Sabah
6th & 7th March – Taylor’s Lakeside
20th March – Quiksilver Sunway Pyramid
23rd March – Gurney Concourse Area
28th Marcj – Quiksilver Plaza Merdeka

You can even submit online too

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