Exploration, Bazaar and Music

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AOTG Explorer

And so Astro with the help of Nuffnang called upon a few bloggers to be explorers for their Astro On The Go Live Explorer event that was held recently at Sunway Pyramid. Captain Obvious says that Serge was there early but Boy Oblivious with a hint of Malaysian spices made the event meant for the us explorers; late to start.

So being early, Serge registered first and then waited for his partner in crime Nicole to come.Before all of us headed off into the sunset, figuratively speaking, we were loaned an iPad each. Emcee for the event was Jinnyboy and another person whom we do not know her name.

AOTG Explorer

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The Malaysian Spices that cause the flag off the exploration was due to technical difficulties. Not only were we given 2 iPads, we were given a MiFi device for internet connectivity. However, there was problems to the connection. Serge and Nicole change the modem that was given but at the end of all that is good, it died and Serge switch his personal hotspot on.

Our task and the task of all the participants was to follow clues given by a custom made app from Astro On the Go (AOTG). These clues were split into two sections. Directions to a station and a question. Both Nicole and Serge with their knowledge of Pyramid, manage to find the places easily. The question that was given were mostly related to AOTG which they answered with simplicity.

During the exploration, we tweeted, facebook and even instagram like mad. Nicole and Serge manage to finish quite early and so they waited for the rest. Lunch was serve as Delicious in a buffet style session. Here’s a thing about eateries such as Delicious when they serve food in a buffet fashion; more often than not, the standards of the food will drop.

Nevertheless, the food was good except for the calamari which he took. The taste was rather bland and the use of biscuit crumbs has much to be desired. With all the participants done having their meals, we headed back to know who won. Unfortunately Serge and Nicole was not one of the winning teams.

AOTG Explorer

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The legs of Serge definitely gave out as he spent more time sitting on the floor than standing, while waiting for the winner announcement. He and he is sure that Nicole had fun. Best part of all about events such as this is that Serge got to know Celyx and the cute Jacqueline.

Uncertain if they are reading this, but we thank you for meeting their kind acquaintance. Overall, Astro On The Go did well with the many stations for the public to see what their product is all about. Which can be explain in one simple sentence, “watch tv anytime,anywhere on any device”

So what did Serge do after? He went to Markets of course in Jaya One and met up with Arnold of Pestle & Mortar. This is the first time where Serge kind of missed Markets.

Markets 10

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Saw some usual faces such as Lih Wern and Hanie. Somehow Serge will always see them during Markets and as the day was late and Markets was coming to a close, Serge was just resting up at P&M before he headed to Paradox Art Cafe to listen to good music.

Usually he would be taking photos but this time, Serge took the role of watcher for a short bit before joining Albert and Avril with Jenn and Sani for a game of Politiko. Amazingly virgin Politiko player Sani won twice.

Avril, Albert and Serge discussed about small political things such as voting patterns and such. After awhile, Serge left the place and got home.

AOTG Explorer Photo Album – Flickr | Facebook
Markets 10 Photo Album – Flickr | Facebook

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    Ohai Serge. Yes, i agree with you the food was rather bland and the spaghetti was kinda too salty. I wanna thank you for being such a good partner! Too bad the force isnt with us that day. =(

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