Farewelcome Carlsberg

By in Events, Life on 21 June, 2013

Farewelcome Carlsberg 2013

It was probably 2 weeks ago when Serge twiddled at Luna Bar for Carlsberg corporate event to say goodbye and at the same time say welcome. This party of sorts was to say farewell to Carlsberg Malaysia MD, Soren who will be taking care of the Carlsberg’s China market and to welcome Carlsberg Malaysia’s new MD, Henrik.

This is the second time that Serge was at this location, the first was when he did the Vaseline party with Nuffnang. As he got himself registered with one of the Carlsberg staff whom Serge had known for awhile, he took the opportunity to catch up with her. Honestly speaking, she was one of the few old school webloggers from back in the days of PPS.

Farewelcome Carlsberg 2013

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Since this is a Carlsberg event, obviously there will be loads of beer and for Serge being a closet-alcohol loving kind of guy, he took the opportunity to enjoy the brewed hops and barley. Which consisted of Carlsberg (though not that many), Kronenbourg 1664, Asahi, and of course Somersby.

Now for those of you who knows, Serge is a big cider fan and enjoys Somersby damn much. Can’t remember how many bottles of Somersby was consumed but we are certain that it was definitely more than 12. Besides drinking and mingling, there were some performances which Serge did not watch. Reason being, he has seen those folks perform before.

Most of the time Serge was at the registration area as the party area was kind of pack and it was suffocating to say the least. It was a good night at Luna Bar, familiar faces and new friends made. Uncertain if Soren will read this but many thanks for the years which you have been here in Malaysia.

Farewelcome Carlsberg 2013

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