Markets 9 at Jaya One + Pestle & Mortar Campus Rep

By in Events, Life on 7 March, 2013

Markets Jaya One - March 2013

And after a night of drinking, Serge whiplashed his ass onward to Jaya One‘s Markets. How in the name of Jehovah’s Witness sailing the Sulu Sea did Serge manage to wake up is a story worthy of another post.

Although the weather was hotter than a lightning strike, the crowd was about 1.5x more than the previous Markets. From the feel of the crowd, many were happy with the amount of stalls that stood tall in the blazing sun.

Markets Jaya One - March 2013

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The thing about coming to Markets so often is that Serge will always stumble upon a stalls that will somehow always appear in every Markets or in some pop-up bazaar. Not that it is a bad thing, this frequent bumping into has brought forth a lot of good things to both parties.

Also, Markets has always been a good place to take photographs of people who think they have swag and/or think that they are fashionable. Consider it a location to gather the best specimen. Overall, thank you great Markets goer, you’re so kind.

Markets Jaya One - March 2013

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Markets 9 Photo Album – Flickr | Facebook

By the way, we are damn certain you have heard of Pestle & Mortar. Now, how would you like to be a Pestle & Mortar Campus Representative?

Details on how to be part of it is available by clicking the photo below. In a quick nutshell; be a full-time college/uni student, live and breathe the brand and enjoy RM600 worth of free gear of your choice every semester.


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