To markets, to markets to buy stretchies for Nuffnang Food Festival

Markets + NN Food Fest 2013

Another event filled Saturday occurred. One that we could have stayed home and one we could not miss out on. For today was a day about shopping for good clothes at Markets, held at Jaya One. Surely we did not buy any for there was nothing. Here we are to celebrate and to support these people, these young ones.

Markets for this installment felt a little weird. Nevermind the construction that was happening at Jaya One, we felt that it was lacking people and was lacking stalls. Could it be that the owners were resting for Tiesto that was happening on the same night? Surely not.

Usually by 1pm or so, there will be a lot of people looking at the wares. Wares which can make one into a hipster. Confession time! We are hipsters too! Though we according to a friend of ours have mentioned that Lyle is a proto-hipster. The kind that defines but doesn’t know that they are. Consider us unknowing known.

Markets + NN Food Fest 2013

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Only thing that was interesting at this edition of Markets was the classroom games which was curated by Wago. Lovely to see the not-so-young rope in their school days with bottle caps, rubber, slipper throw and much more. Games played during Lyle’s school daze and it was never a phase.

After saying a short goodbye which is never short, we went off to Sunway Pyramid. This was for the Nuffnang Food Festival. Whereby participants can use social media to get free food to sample. Typical Malaysian at work with selfies, selfies with food and then there was Lyle; who didn’t take much photo during this part of the night.

Ain’t that strange? Yes it was strangely strange. And then it hit us all like like a rumored room, that guy whom we call Lyle is Malaysian. As a malaysian who loves free stuff and food, he would hit the stalls like a cow with four stomachs. Also because he cares for his tools, Lyle does not want to grease/dirty up his instruments.

Markets + NN Food Fest 2013

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There were a lot of stalls during the Food Festival but the one that captured our taste buds, was Andy’s BBQ. Their beef brisket reminded us of beef jerky. This was one of the best brisket we have ever tasted. Truly and surely, the pulling factor of free food was evident.

Night ended with Lyle getting to know someone new. Quite good looking too. Overall, good effort by Nuffnang Malaysia . Can’t wait for their sister company’s ChurpOut

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